Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Day 23-24 - Friday~Monday - Westminster MD "Pipe Dreams"

Been a little crazy here at Rockin Walls Training Center IS Gearing up for the FIRST rescheduled workshop for this 2020, happening this Saturday. Yippy this is finally happening. SOLD out amazing Thank you all who are attending this event.  

Spent most of Friday standing in the isle of pipe fitting at Home Depot. I made it to the point on the steps were I could now run the pipe across the back out to daylight. I picked out everything then some extras just in case. The "what if" extras. Got back and started thinking and then cutting pipes. Then the rain come in. So had to call it a day. It really didn't seem like much of a day when it was all said and done. I can say thing I did learn a lot. I went home and watched a lot of YouTube video's. One fellow I really like is https://www.youtube.com/user/appledrains 

Not sure what was the deal here! I do know having this pipe drain right against the brick wall makes no sense. Thankfully the client never had any water issues in the home. 

Newly fitted pipes ready for glue on Monday. 

Temporary weekend piping for the rain.

Monday I was able to get all the pipes glued and built out the remainder of the pipe behind the steps. Which then I built up stone on either side in order to protect it from direct weight load from the next set of steps. 

As you can see what a small roof coverage which needed to be piped. I just wanted to get it all away from the walls and steps. Now was the time. Hard to install once your finished the build. So while I'm not a plumber the things you have to consider or do are all part of the job. 

The Ditch Witch setting the beginning of step #6. Using my old faithful pvc pipes to slide the stone around. I set 2 of them very quickly thankfully one was cut from before. The other I was able to put in the stone splitter and snap it. Win win speed of setting this two was on my side.

3 Steps and counting! 

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  1. So cool that in addition to amazing artistic work with the walls and steps, you think of all the other small details of plumbing and electrical! Thanks for being “plumb” crazy!