Monday, June 29, 2015

Work Pants with Knee Pads SOLD IN USA: Armed Workwear, BLAKLADER, Caterpillar, Jobman, KneeGard, Mascot, Thrive Workwear, and Snickers

I have looked high and low to find products that offer great knee pad systems. In my search I've found several great choice for every craftsmen and tradesmen. As we all age we realize the value and the importance of protecting our body. 

I wanted to get up the first part of this blog with all the facts on each pair of pants. I'll be giving each and everyone a good work out come the work season- spring-summer - then I'll report back on how they feeling and holding up.

I want to first start by saying while I could list which pants I love the most I feel that would make this blog one sided. I realize that in order to be fair to each and everyone of you I must just give the facts. If you want to really know why - its simple we all have different trades, needs, body sizes, climates we live in and the list can just go on. So what I like doesn't mean this is what you would like. I'm sure you understand. But please feel free to email or comment if you have any specific questions. I'll do my best to answer them appropriately.

2 Years ago I started my quest for pants with new pads. When you think of work clothing only a few names come to mind in the USA. I'll use the first letters of each company "C" & "D". Sadly these companies have been living in the past with technology. Why would I question a company which has 125 years of history? Well I live in Baltimore. What does that mean? Let me tell you - one work UNDER ARMOUR. For those who know this company you know they are the little guy who took advantage of technology to be on top of the playing field. When everyone else was focused on  fancy styles and colors. They put a product together which did a job. Taking sweat right off your body. Now if you're an athlete any advantage to help you in the game over the commotion is key.  Not to mention you'll just feel better. Makes sense right? I think so. Who know maybe one day UNDER ARMOUR will be in the working class of tradesman.  I also feel we have a long way to go with the work world. Many European products and USA products have been created to be just that fill a needed void. 

I purchased 3 pairs of pants from UK called Snickers who by far as some amazing products world wide. Just not sold in the USA to avoid issues with the candy bar company. I've loved my Snicker 3312 pants with the lightweight but durable simple design. Front load, adjustable, molded knee pad system. When I started offering workshops my students would ask where can I get a pair of pants like that. So my quest started to search out company selling products in the USA.

I reached out to seven companies who all kindly supported my effort to try a pair or two of there pants. Now I'd like to add I'm a Dry Stone Mason which means I do a great deal of work on the ground, move a lot of sharp rocks and sweat in climate with 70-90 degrees and high humidity. Why does this matter to you. Because I don't want my opinions to alter what might be the better option for your line of work. I'd also like to remind our reads that not all of us spend time on our knees because we work in a trade. To share a small detail shared with me from one of top pics. There are those who as adults can only get around on their knees for example special needs to name a few. Think about if this is the only way for you to travel is by crawling around wouldn't you want the best set of pants with knee pads to help you? 

In this blog I'll list my feedback along with the cliff note list. Lots of photos which you can click on any to go larger . Click any of the Blue to go direct to links.  Please feel free to comment to help others know what you like about your pair of pants. 

In months to come I will continue to update this blog entry as I get more time with each pair of pants. If you come to one of my workshops I'll be sure to show you each one in person.

I've listed the pants in 2 groups.
• Group 1) Traditional canvas work pants without all the bells and whistles.
• Group 2) Work pants with built in tool pockets and then some.....

Products Sold in the USA
Group 1 Traditional Work Pants

Armed Workwear

The Josh who started Armed is a painter by trade. When you watch his YouTube video you get a quick understanding this guy gets it. He clearly felt that the market was missing a pair of pants that fit his needs. What I love about these pants are the comfort. You feel like you've run them thru the washing machine several times not like some of the stiff legged "C" brand. The one thing I really like was you can double up the pads making them very plus. He uses a very interesting product not found in any other pants. Think of them as a rubber compound. With the pattern they flex nicely when when moving or kneeling. I found his pants to always be in comfortable spot. The style and cut on the parts are feel lightweight and easy to move around in. The only thing I noticed was the waste ban fell a bit below my hips. The only design flaw which Josh had even admitted was the open access on the top of the pants for loading the knee pads. Causing debris to fall into the knee pad pocket. I he suggested future plans to do a side entrance possible. Can I live with this issue. Of course! Anything for comfort of my knees. The pants have spacious pockets for a smart phone, large belt loops, gusseted crotch.

Pants price $ 54.99 (low density knee pad included - buy the High density) 
Knee pad price $ 15.99 
Purchase: Direct online
Made in: Dominican Republic
Material: 12 oz Cotton Canvas made in the USA
Knee pads load: Front top
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Dead On.
Sizing: True to size
Style: Traditional canvas carpenter style pants
Gusseted Crotch: Yes

Boot Cuff: Standard


Built-In Knee pads - Every pair of Armed pants come with Lightweight built in Removable Knee pads. * Upgraded Knee Pads Available* Loose Fit - Loose through the hips and thighs for easy movement. American Made 12oz Cotton Canvas. Heavy Duty, Double and Triple Stitching at all the Stress Points - Gusseted Crotch for freedom of movement Pre-Shrunk and Enzyme washed for a comfortable feel so they are ready to wear. American Made YKK Zippers and Buttons. 6 Custom Pockets - Ergonomically placed pockets on the front, sides and back of your leg for all the tools you need on the job. Save time by keeping the tools you Use Most With You.
  • Cell Phone Pocket
  • Pen Pocket
  • Nail Set Pocket
  • Utility Pocket
  • Screwdriver
  • Putty Knife



Light weight low density foam replacement knee pad Comfort with no straps, binding, falling down or other problems encountered with traditional knee pads Double up for more comfort Barely noticeable while standing or walking.

Double these up for more knee protection.


Our upgraded knee pad is made from High Density foam. Our upgraded knee pads are designed to be knelt on all day. These knee pads totally replace traditional strap on knee pads. They are still light weight but don't flatten out when kneeling down all day, every day. We have also left enough room to house both kinds of pads for even more comfort. If you want serious knee protection these are the knee pads you're looking for. Heavy duty yet light in weight Comfortable Waffling design conforms to your knee.

Has very unique knee pad system. They are the only pants which offers 3 pocket choices all inside top load using a velcro to seal the molded pads into the right place. What makes these so attractive for some are those who may need to really customer fit these pads to the correct placement. Since we are not all built the same these offer a little more flexibility of placement. I really liked the adjustments along with the molded pad. I did find that if you drop to the ground at the right spot you might find you're not on the pad since they are a bit small. The velcro I did find to be a personally bother if I didn't have all 6 flaps on top of one another. These are the only made in America pants on the market but they do use domestic denim. I also found the pockets to be too small even for my hand let alone a smart phone. Last if you forget to put the pads in before you go to work or you'd like to take them out for your drive home. Ya you'll have to strip down someplace to do so. My take on the KneeGard -  nice to see the flexibility of knee pads for those who need more choices the the standard. 

Pants price $ 64.97
Knee pad price $ 10.99
Purchase: Direct online
Made in: USA
Material: 12 oz Cotton Canvas - Domestic
Knee pads load: 3 positions inside top load sealed with velcro
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Need adjustment some times will roll to the side
Sizing: True to size
Style: Traditional canvas carpenter style pants
Gusseted Crotch: No
Boot Cuff:  Standard

$64.97 (You save $10.00)
Green Canvas
100% Cotton 12oz Domestic Canvas
Prewashed and Preshrunk for the perfect fit.  These pants fit like your favorite pair of jeans the first day - no break-in period like other work pants.

Removal KneeGard knee pad. KNEE PADS SOLD SEPARATELY.
$10.99 Best Knee Pads for Work We selected these kneepads for one reason and one reason only. They work great! These are a high density knee pad, designed to provide maximum protection with the thinnest possible pad. Our knee pad is your knee and it's our job to protect it.

Patented KneeGard knee protection system.  The interior KneeGard pad prevents lost knee pads. Unlike exterior knee pad pockets, the KneeGard pockets won't fill with sand, dirt or other loose materials found on the job site.

3 Built-in adjustable interior pockets for knee pads. 2 Extra belt loops to keep your pants up! Our belt loops are wider and longer - ensuring that your pants stay up all day.

5 Pockets to carry today's modern accessories (includes a cell phone pocket below the hammer loop) YKK Zipper to withstand the harshest work environments. Button and tack are brass and aluminum and won't rust. Genuine workers pant, with heavy-duty fabrics, strongest threads, superior sewing workmanship and includes a hammer loop on the right side.

Additional Details
- The top stitch thread is thick 105 poly core thread (poly core wrapped with cotton).
- The 8 belt loops are placed to keep the pants up in the back (no plumber's crack).
- The loops are 2 1/2 inches long to accommodate a wide work belt.
- The fit has room, but is not as loose as the Major brands' work pants.
- All patterns, markers, cutting, sewing, laundry, finishing and final inspection are done in USA.
- Button and tack are brass and aluminum and won't rust.
 - No More Straps behind your knees
- Looks (and feels) like a normal pair of pants
- 3 pockets makes for perfect knee pad placement
- Built to last the harshest work environments
- Our pants are made with commercial grade fabric, 14 ounce for Denim and 12 for Canvas, compared to 8 ounces for competitor Denim and 6 for Canvas by most competitor work pants.

So what does that mean for you?
It means these pants will last you longer than any other pair of work pants you've ever owned. We're proud to say that our pants are 100% made in the USA. Could we have made more profit by making them overseas? Absolutely, but we're more concerned with producing a quality product and keeping Americans working than making an extra buck. Each pair of pants we sell has a story to tell. Our pants can be found on job sites all across the United States. Helping a flooring installer in Grants Pass, Oregon, a painter in San Diego, California, an oil worker all over North Dakota, a homeowner fixing up their house on the weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. Whatever your job description you can be sure that these pants are built to last.

Colorado based company is by far in the traditional class the Top Pick for several reasons. First this is the only  pants in this line up with built in knee pads. Now if they had not sent me a sample I'd swear they had gel in them. After all - this is what they say in order to help the consumer understand the product better. They are not gel which would freeze in extreme temperatures.  Instead they are what looks to be more like a memory foam. They are extremely comfortable pants to wear. The only pair that you feel you could go for a run or walk.  Without the knee pads feeling like they large pillow stuck to your knee caps. Thrive formally Woodland / Kneedz specializes in uniform industry which has been their focus. I believe they have not pushed too hard in the marketing area to avoid making too many ripples in the pool with all the big players around like C and D. If you take a closer look you'll notice all the external triple stitching which can be seen in any of the photos along with the rivet snaps at the ends of each stitch point. For example the corners of the pockets. Roomie pockets plus an extra reinforcement for the tape measure on the right front pocket noticeable in the up close photo 3rd down. Just remember when you look at pricing these include the knee pads with make them an incredible value. Also be sure to take a look at their full line up of uniform products they offer to the industry. 

Pants price $69.95
Knee pad price $ Include -  Built in to pants
Purchase: Direct online
Made in: Mexico
Material: 12 oz Cotton Canvas made in the USA
Knee pads load: Built - In
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Dead On.
Sizing: True to Size
Style: Traditional canvas carpenter style pants
Gusseted Crotch: Yes

Boot Cuff: Yes with extra on the heel side 

5200CAR Carpenter Pant
Knee Pads built-in. Therefore included in the price for the pants

We've done it. We engineered a work pant that can withstand the harshest of work conditions and exposure. Our carpenter model 5200 is made from the sturdiest duck canvas fabric available and features an added layer of anti-abrasion treated fabric on the most vulnerable wear zones: the thighs, knees, front pocket edge and bottom cuffs. We dare you to try and defeat these work pants.
Formally - KNEEDZ
Cargo Work Pants
Features Include:
» Our most rugged model for the harshest work conditions
» 100% cotton 12.0 ounce duck canvas
» Diamond gusseted crotch
» SCUFF SHIELD™ anti-abrasion layer fabric for high-wear zones
» KNEEDZ® gel knee pads built-in with hi-viz safety compliance flag tag
» Hammer loop and ruler pocket

To sum up the Traditional Canvas work pants 3 good choices. The only down side I have is Black in the middle of summer can be a really downer. While my "D"  brand have lasted years being a 12 oz canvas they sure can get a bit hot in general.  With only about 1 maybe 2 days tops before a needed was if you play in the dirt. I also find when I start to sweet they just stick to my legs. So you will get the durability and a very long lasting pair of pants with canvas just avoid sweating or consider wearing sweet base layers. 


Group 2 Work Pants W/ Tool Pockets Built-in

Blaklader is by far the heavy's pair of pants which of course should allow them to outlast everyone else. The flip side is they can be extremely hot and heavy. They have an incredible selection of pockets which I've yet to figure all out. You'll find lots of YouTube video's with folks who love these. I will say over all fit was great for me on size but I'd suggest you consider going up for to play it safe. The upgraded "Gel" which is truthfully a dense foam is by for the most plush pads. The flip side is that when you sweat the pants are extremely difficult to get unstuck from your leg to move for proper placement when kneeling. I will have to say even the standard knee pads are plus. I really like these pants over all. The baggy cut helps to make they comfortable to work in. Triple stitch threw out the product. Along with Cordura at all key points like cuff, pockets, knee, tool pouch......Large wide belt loops. Blaklader offers a very extensive product line up. Due to the weight of pants ( in heat) this would be my second choice - I love how comfortable the large foam pads are. They can be a bit cumbersome when walking around but they sure feel good when you're on your knees for any extended time. 

Pants price $ 109.95
Knee pad price $ 10.69 - $ 25.99
Purchase: Online and Retail stores
Made in: Sri Lanka
Material: 13 oz Cotton Canvas  with Cordura- Domestic 
Knee pads load: Bottom front (not at all difficult to load
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Leg pull for adjustment difficult to adjust if sweaty with larger pads
Sizing: Runs small (my size I received fit true - the rep suggested they run small) 
Style: Work pants with tool pockets
Gusseted Crotch: No
Boot Cuff: Yes wide and tall Cordura panel

Work Pants X1600 with Utility Pockets 
100% cotton, 13 oz.

9499 Grey/Black

The Blaklader X1600 work pants include an exterior utility pockets that replace the need for a tool belt. The pants also include leg-shield technology, a layer of Cordura from the thigh to shin for maximum protection on the job site. Cordura, an ultra abrasion-resistant but flexible synthetic material, is also strategically placed in pressure points, heavy-wear areas and on pockets throughout the pants. Rear pockets are bellowed to increase weight capacity and prevent tears. Other features include both a hammer and a key loop, waterproof mobile phone pocket, and a quality YKK zipper. These pants are available in the Grey and Back design in an array of sizes.

Product description
These pants aren't made for just any craftsman. A cotton canvas base covered by extended leg shields makes them the pants of hammer-wielding warriors. Adjustable knee pads and reinforced utility pockets, side pockets, ankle cuffs and belt loops keep you agile, comfortable and protected on the most aggressive jobsites. If you're looking for a pair of pants to wear out on Saturday night, keep on looking. But if you think you can handle the X1600, go ahead and prove us wrong
Product details
Smooth comfortable 13 oz cotton delivers high performance durability
Knee pockets in Cordura / two front pockets with bellows / pencil pocket and secure wallet pocket / two back pockets with bellows / hammer loop / quality YKK zipper / waterproof mobile phone pocket.
100% cotton, 13 oz.
9499 Grey/Black

Blaklader 4012 401200009900 Gel Kneepads Black $25.99
BLAKLADER Memory Gel Knee Pads - Heavy Duty - One Size $25.99
We carry these BLAKLADER® Heavy Duty Knee Pads that are made with an extra durable, shock absorbing memory gel that cradles your knees. Releasing you from annoying over-the-pant straps tucked away in the knee pad pockets a stretch web belt holds everything securely in place instead of the straps that bind. In order to have protective cushioning when you need it, get yours today!

Blaklader 4011 401112009900 Foam Kneepads Black $10.69
BLAKLADER Lightweight Foam Knee Pads - Light Duty - One Size 10.69
We carry these BLAKLADER ® Light Duty Knee Pads that are made with a super lightweight foam. Releasing you from annoying over-the-pant straps tucked away in the knee pad pockets a stretch web belt holds everything securely in place instead of the straps that bind. In order to have protective cushioning when you need it, get yours today!


Caterpillar Workwear is an extremely lightweight loose fitting pants. Offering a great deal of features both front and rear. Wide belt loops, I really enjoy working in these pants because of the weight of the material. The down side to this pair of pants is the quality of the material the double stitch which seams to already coming apart in areas. Due to the nature of my line of work. For the value these clearly are one of the best values for the money if your looking for a pair of pants that will not stick to your legs in middle of summer. I also really enjoyed the rubberized waste ban which keeps a better grip on your hips keeping the pants in one place. I haven't figured out he red loops they come with on the side yet. All and all not bad. The knee pads are the standard foam which everyone offers variations of. Lightweight knee pads will not offer the best long term comfort like others will.

Pants price $ 49.99
Knee pad price $ 14.99
Purchase: Online and Retail stores
Made in: China
Material: 8.8oz 60% Cotton/40% Polyester Twill Canvas - Domestic
Knee pads load: Front top 
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Leg pull for adjustment 
Sizing: True to size
Style: Work pants with tool pockets
Gusseted Crotch: Yes

Boot Cuff: Yes with extra inside boot cuffs built in.

# 1811064 Renegade Trouser
8.8oz 60% Cotton/40% Polyester Twill Canvas
Machine Wash
Front reach-in pockets designed with depth for tools
Cell phone pocket on left leg with hook and loop flap closure
Back right ruler pocket
Knee pad pockets with hook and loop flap closure
Back patch pockets with hook and loop closure with dart
Caterpillar Workwear Essentials Trademark Trouser

Caterpillar CAT Men's Ergonomically Protective Knee Pads 
• 100% Eva
• Imported
• Hand Wash
• Ergonomically designed
• Fits all cat workwear bottoms with top loading kneepad opening

 Protect your knees from long and demanding hours on the job with these protective knee pads from Caterpillar. Ergonomically designed, these knee pads will fit all CAT work wear bottoms with top loading knee-pad openings. These functional pads will not hinder the wearer when walking so they can be worn throughout the day. Experience workwear redefined in these protective knee pads from Caterpillar. One size fits most

These Trademark Trouser from Caterpillar® are made with 8.8oz, 60% cotton, 40% polyester canvas and are designed for the ultimate workman. These pants are decked out with pockets to give you more than enough room for supplies and smaller tools. There are front pockets with pull-out oxford tool bags and extra tool holders on the waistband. The front storage areas can easily hold screwdrivers, pliers, pencil, and a walkie talkie. The rugged Oxford double layered articulated knees have pockets for knee pads to give your joints extra protection that doesn't restrict you by being strapped on. Bar tacks at the stress points ensure that these jeans can hold up to tons of wear without tearing. The 20" leg opening fits easily over work boots and shoes, so combined with the wealth of tool and utility pockets, these boots have all the features you need to make you even more efficient on the job.

 Jobman is a company which has had a family of craftsman and women. The owner of Jobman USA felt the need to bring in a product for the working class. Jobman offers a large selection of pants. I had the tested both their standard 2626 which is a lot like the Caterpillar pant only with triple stitch every where. Super light weight and comfortable in any temperatures. The 2181 is the flagship of the product line using products like kevlar in key areas of the garment. They have also included both front and rear reflective bands for safety. This pair of pants has a inside bottom load knee pad making it very difficult with out having to take off the pants. Lots of bells and whistles. This pair of pants reminded me a lot of the Blaklader and came with the same challenges when you got all hot and sweaty having to adjust the knee pads becomes a challenge to pull your pants up before kneeling on the pads. I was testing both pants with the Orange 9943 pad once again the standard run of the mill foam pad. For my day to day job I'd prefer the standard 2626 pants because of the light weight factor and ease to pull the pants up to have the pad in correct spot. The only other glitch I found with the 2181 front hand pockets were that when I got to the job site my keys had fallen out onto the seat. They are very comfortable to put your hand in if you do this this a lot on the job site. Just not safe for keys if your sitting down. Little details that could ruin your day.

Jobman 2626
Pants price $ 66.95
Knee pad price $ 12.95 -  $ 25.99
Purchase: Online and Retail stores
Made in: Unknown
Material: 52% cotton/48% nylon, 230g/m2. Dirt and water repellent Domestic
Knee pads load: Front bottom
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Leg pull for adjustment 
Sizing: Run small
Style: Work pants with tool pockets
Gusseted Crotch: No
Boot Cuff: No

2626 Craftsman Trousers 

2626 Craftsman Trousers for the hard working outdoor craftsman.  These comfortable work pants are water and stain resistant. These pants feature reinforced holster pockets with extra compartments that can be tucked away in pockets.  Your cell phone has a home with these pants as they have a phone pocket on the hip.  There is also a loop for your hammer. The back pocket is open, perfect for that speed square. Also has a pocket for that folding rule and a knife button / bin. Leg pocket with flap and extra compartments, including a phone compartment and ID card holder. Articulated knees with reinforced kneepad pockets.

Material: 52% cotton/48% nylon, 230g/m2. Dirt and water repellent.
Reinforcements in 100% polyamide.
JOBMAN Workwear Craftsman Work Pants - 2626 Item Id: 26269699
• Internal, extra large kneepad pockets
• Cell phone pocket
• Pre-bent knee
• Extra thigh pocket for floor laying knives

Jobman 2181
Pants price $ 119.95
Knee pad price $ 12.95 -  $ 25.99
Purchase: Online and Retail stores
Made in: Unknown
Material: 55% Cotton/45% Polyester, Reinforcements 85% Polyamide/8% Kevlar, 7% PU Domestic
Knee pads load: Front bottom
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Leg pull for adjustment 
Sizing: Run small
Style: Work pants with tool pockets
Gusseted Crotch: No
Boot Cuff: Yes with the only pair of pants with a pull string on the cuff


This could be the world's most advanced workwear work pants!  These NEW work pants are the culmination of years of JOBMAN Workwear innovations, incorporating proven workwear concepts with new fabrics and designs for the most demanding work situations.

The JOBMAN Ultra brings several NEW features into work pants for the professional who needs the most from his work clothing.  The most outstanding feature is the knees - which are made from a NEW material called ARMORTEX.  This new material is a combination of polyamide and Kevlar.  JOBMAN has long used polyamide in its workwear for reinforcing of key areas, and now Kevlar has been added on these pants. The result is the best protection available for your knees.  The material is tear resistant, flexible, and slip resistant.  Also, these knee pad pockets are bi-level, so you can position the knee pads at the best point possible for your body style.

But, these pants have so much more than just Kevlar knees.  The Ultra has a big phone pocket on the hip, which will hold even the biggest smartphone.  It also has wide tool belt or tool holder velcro straps on each side, to use in attaching equipment or hardware pouches if needed.  The thigh pocket has a zipper, so anything you put in there will stay there, no matter how active you may be during the workday.  

NEW to this pair of pants is a separate pocket for storing of the holster pockets, so if you are not using these hardware and tool holding pockets, you can tuck them out of sight.  There are side pockets on these pants, so you can always have your normal pocket items in there, without the holster pockets getting in the way.  Also new is webbing on the holster pockets, so you can tuck tools or smaller hardware on the outside of these pockets for easy reach when you need them.

The fit is superb on these pants.  The pants have a new type fit in the waist, with a higher back, but with a lower front fit.  Also, the knees have stitched areas in them to provide a pre-bent feel, so you never stress the fabric when you bend your knees.  

At the base of the pants, there is a reflective stripe, which you really don't notice until you are in the dark and light shines on it, then you notice how bright it is.  (We found this out when trying to take a picture with a flash of these pants.)  And the bottom is polyamide, so the cuffs are anti-wicking, with a drawstring in the cuffs so you can keep unwanted particles out of your boots.

On each side are "stiffened" hammer loops, so you can easily drop your hammer in.  And, a heavy duty caribiner is sewn in on the front right for attaching tools, keys, or whatever if you need it.

All in all, these pants are the best work pants available, with superb quality, function, and durability - made for the most demanding professionals.  

Material:  55% Cotton/45% Polyester
Reinforcements of 85% Polyamide/8% Kevlar, 7% PU

• Pre-bent knees
• Comfortable cotton/polyester blend
• Wide phone compartment on hip
• Kevlar reinforced knees
• Holster pockets
• Anti-Wicking cuff with reflective strips and drawstring
• Zipper thigh pocket
• Stiffened hammer loops on each side
• Built-in Caribiner

• Bi-Level Internal Kneepad Pockets

This internal kneepad is our lightest weight kneepad and is designed for people who expect to be performing kneeling work up to two hours.  Fits most JOBMAN Workwear work pants that have internal kneepad pockets. 

Resistant design provides better protection above and around the knee. The material is more solid than previous knee pads, which reduces knee strain and extends protection. This kneepad is also designed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions - the colored area closest to the knee is made of cellular polyethylene. 7/8" thickness. Can be washed at 85 degrees F. Do not tumble dry.

Our NEW Medium Duty knee pads have increased durability and improved shock absorption. These kneepads can also be adjusted in position in the knee pockets on our JOBMAN work pants, to better fit your needs.

Certified to: EN 14404: 2004 + A1: 2010, Type 2, Level 1 together with Jobman trousers art no: 2181, 2200, 2201, 2281, 2290.

Designed for flooring professionals and others who are on their knees much of the day.This internal kneepad is our most protective kneepad and is designed for people who expect to be performing kneeling work up to 8 hours.  Fits most JOBMAN Workwear work pants that have internal kneepad pockets. 

Resistant design provides better protection above and around the knee. The material is more solid than previous knee pads, which reduces knee strain and extends protection.This kneepad is also designed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions - the colored area closest to the knee is made of cellular polyethylene.

1" thickness. Can be washed at 130 degrees F. Do not tumble dry.

Well you know what they say. Save the best for last. In the USA work pants with tool pockets.  The Ronda is at top of the line in the Mascot workwear. Just like Blaklader they have an incredible line up of work gear. They are also the first to be offered by online home improvement center - Home Depot. I believe this will be one of the first steps before you will see workwear in home improvement stores as this. Where does one shop for work clothing in the USA? Sorry I can't think of one store which carries any thing in my area other then Brand "C" or "D". Mascot is setting the ground work for the future of workwear in the USA to come. Now I'll start with what I hate about the pants to get this out of the way - Length. Yes they only come in limited lengths. I'm sure the competitors are laughing at that one. If you watch Gold Rush you'll notice on the Hoffman crew just how many of the guys had long hanging pants. So whats the solution? 1) Pay a couple bucks to take them to a taylor 2) Roll up the pants legs so you can catch stuff in them to take home with you from the job site. Ok now I have that out of the way on to everything I love. First off these are a very baggy cut which keeps them cool not to mention they are built using 65% polyester. As for fit in finish these just feel like they are worth every dollar you'll spend. The color yes it works great with mud and dirt keeping them looking like you just wore them for the first time even if your on day 3....... Like many of the other pants with tool pockets the Ronda allows larger room to tuck them back into the pants with the spacious pocket opening. 3M reflective piping on the back of the legs for safety. Added Cordora in the knees. Large rear pockets with a closing velcro flap the ONLY ones in this blog. Doesn't sound like a big to do until your wife wonders why the washing machine is full ?!???. The left side knee pocket with the velcro flap making for a safe place to put the smart phone. Then quick and easy to grab if you have a call.

Pants price $ 105.00
Knee pad price $ 23.95
Purchase: Online, Home Depot - online,  and Retail stores,
Made in: Vietnam
Material: 65% polyester/35% cotton, 310 g/m², Reinforcements Cordura
Knee pads load: Top front
Knee pad adjustment when dropping to the ground: Leg pull for adjustment minimum
Sizing: Run small ( limited lengths )
Style: Work pants with tool pockets
Gusseted Crotch: No
Boot Cuff: No

RONDA Craftsmen Pants

Double and triple stitched seams on leg and crotch. Low waist and form cut waist band. Ergonomically formed trouser leg. Belt loops. D-ring. Fly with zip. Tool strap at both sides of waist. Reinforced holster pockets, extra pockets and straps for tools. Slits for holster pockets to be stored internally. Front pockets. Back pockets with reinforcement, flap and hook and loop band fastening. Adjustable hammer loops. Thigh pocket with phone pocket and flap with hook and loop band fastening. CORDURA® fabric reinforced ruler pocket. Pen pocket. Studs for knife attachment. Adjustable CORDURA® fabric knee pad pockets with flap and top access. Contrast stitching. Reflectors.

65% polyester/35% cotton, 310 g/m²

MASCOT® Likasi
MASCOT® COMPLETE | Knee-pads | 50451-916-09
Fits to all MASCOT® products with knee pockets. Extra soft. Suitable for industrial washing and drying at high temperatures. Do not need to be removed from the trousers before washing. Measures 15 x 24 cm.
- One size
- 100% cellular rubber
- Machine Washable

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To sum up the work pants with tool pockets. I personally prefer the ease of front top load with knee pads. This makes it easy to take knee pads in and out. No need to take your pants off. I also really like the mix blends of material. Just keeps you cooler in the middle of summer. 


Not Sold in the USA! 

As much as I love the Snicker pants I don't have the heart to share everything I love about them unless they could be purchased in the USA. So I'll save this for the future. In the meantime you can order today from UK.

Reach out to Mike at Active - Workwear. Tell him Mark from Rockin Walls sent you!
Best way to reach them is Message on Facebook or Email . Shipping can be a little slow. Well worth the wait!

Extremely hard-wearing work trousers made in dirt repellent DuraTwill fabric. Features an advanced cut with Twisted Leg™ design, Cordura® reinforcements for extra durability and a range of pockets, including phone compartment.

• Advanced cut with Twisted Leg™ design and Snickers Workwear Gusset™ in crotch for outstanding working comfort with every move
• Tough Cordura® reinforcements at the knees for extra durability
• Kneepad pockets designed for the KneeGuard™ positioning system for superior knee protection
• Easy-to-access leg cargo pocket with separate mobile phone compartment and four pen/tool compartments
• Smart ruler pocket design with loose front corner for improved functionality and freedom of movement
Sizes: 42-62, 84-120, 144-160, 184-204, 248-256

Material: DuraTwill. Durable fabric: soft cotton on the inside, slightly impregnated, for better protection, on the outside. 52% Cotton 48% Polyamide, 240 g/m². Featuring 100% Cordura®-Polyamide reinforcements.

Flexible when working, tough on impact. Active kneepads for active craftsmen, featuring shock-absorbing D3O® material for extreme protection and durability. Ready for the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1).

• Extremely hardwearing and cut-resistant outer shell with advanced shock absorbing D3O® material on the inside that stiffens up on impact
• Keep their shape during hard work and last twice as long as other kneepads
• Ergonomic curved design that follows the shape of the knee allows for flexibility when walking, yet closes around the knee when bending down
• Can be placed at different heights in the knee pocket to ensure correct position for maximum protection
• Fits in the knee pockets on all Snicker Workwear trousers
Sizes: One-size

Material: 100% Polyolefin and 100% D3O®.

More details about 9112 D3O® LITE Craftsmen Kneepads:
• Ergonomic pre-bent design with air channels make it close around the knee, ensuring superior comfort, protection and ventilation.
• Washable at 60 degrees: Perform according to CE norm EN 14404 after several washes.
• Advanced injection-moulded design for long-lasting and reliable protection.
• Can be placed at different heights in the knee pocket to ensure correct position or maximum protection.
• Material 100 % Polyolefin Polymer Blend.
D3O® LITE is a high-tech material combining superior comfort, cushioning and protection. It’s flexible yet durable and cut resistant according to CE standard EN14404, ensuring reliable force distribution and cut protection.
The new kneepads also feature a unique ergonomic injection-moulded design with air channels. It makes the kneepads truly close around the knees while at the same time provides outstanding ventilation for maximum comfort when working on the knees.
- Thanks to our exclusive agreement with D3O Impact Protection, we can offer the best knee protection available on the market. What many people may not know, professional craftsmen put more pressure on their knees than many top-athletes have to endure.
With the new 9112 D3O® LITE Craftsmen Kneepads, they can count on extreme functionality, comfort and long-lasting protection, says Johan Wijkmark, Project Manager at Snickers Workwear.
As all of Snickers Workwear’ s kneepads, the new 9112 D3O® Lite Craftsmen Kneepads are designed to fit the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system. It allows the user to adjust the kneepads at different heights in the kneepad pockets to ensure correct positioning for maximum protection.
- Even if the advanced design of the kneepads is crucial for the craftsmen’s protection, the positioning of them is equally important. With Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system you can rely on your kneepads to stay firmly in place, says Johan Wijkmark.
9112 D3O® LITE Craftsmen Kneepads comes in one size and fits the knee pockets on all Snickers Workwear trousers. 
• Extremely comfortable yet durable and cut-resistant D3O® LITE material for maximum comfort, force distribution and cut protection.