Friday, June 16, 2017

DIY How To Build & Install Single Sided Wall Frame - Dry Stone Retaining Walls

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Learning how to build and install a wall frame will act as a guide. Which in turn will save you time and money when building projects. The method I show is a very simple and easy way to understand the concept behind the most commonly build dry laid stone structures in the US a retaining wall.

There are several different styles and methods to building a wall frame. This is the one which I find works the best for me.

Recap - A 1:6 Batter is a very common batter. For every 6" up the wall comes in 1".

Height of wall (36") -:- by batter (6) = 6", other examples 48" -:- 5 (1:5 batter) = 9.6"

Step 1)
- Square
- Level or straightedge
- Tape measure
- Marking device (shown is chalk pencil found in welding section home improvement store)
-Screw gun or screw driver

Step 2
- Wire cutters
- Rebar (+ safety cap or a water bottle works well)
- Level small
- Hammer

- Screws
- Wood = 1"x4" or 2"x4" I prefer the 1x4 since you can easily hammer a the rod next to it. Plus wrap the wire and tie strings to them.
- Wire, found in home improvement store in rebar section with concrete forming supplies.
- String line
- Binder Clips ("spring clips") Medium works well on the rebar rods.

How to tie a string line

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jobsite Staging, Planning and Management

I've created a video to help others consider key elements regarding jobsite management. When you first start in the trades it can take years and years to learn. I like to help others get a head start. Which is why I blog. Enjoy.

While each jobsite various this is just a start. Please feel free to comment regarding other considerations. Not mentioned are wildlife, plantings overhead power lines, to name a few more.