Friday, April 28, 2017

WOW Women Only Workshop ~ Kim Coggin April 22-23 2017

DSWA Certified Kim Coggin along with the assistance of Lisa Tuzo Rocked out an incredible all women's workshop at the Rockin Walls Training Center April 22-23 2017. Eight women participated from VA, PA and Maryland.

The 2 day workshop covered the key fundamentals of building a freestanding dry laid stone wall. Including severally differently styles of copes and caps stones to finish off the top. The workshop also covered some basics on stone shaping with tools, use of a portable stone splitter, different types of stone and so much more. Aside from the rain on Saturday to put a damper on the excitement. Sunday turned out to be a rockstar of sun in the fun with stone. What a great job everyone did to learn the proper methods Dry Laid Stone Craft. The photos below say it all! 

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin, Lisa Tuzo and Teresa Perrera. 

Contact if you'd like to be added to our workshop email list. Next workshops will take place in Fall 2017

Read what the Carroll County Times had to say along with a great little video. 

The Start of something incredible! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 First Day Of Walling - YIPPIE

20 ft Long x 24"-28" High Butler Stone mixed with old Marriottsville Stone w/4 Blue stone steps.
3/8/2017 Wednesday was the first day of walling!  Nothing is better than working with stone.  All I could think about all day was I LOVE MY JOB!!!.  Feels so good to put a wall up in a day, after waiting all winter for this day to come. 

Andy having a great time learning how to ride a heavy load as the little dingo moves 500 + pounds
This has been such a great job for me since I'm working with Andy McEvoy on his client's project in Woodbine MD. I rarely have the opportunity to work with other wallers. Andy moved back from Maine with his wife. Andy had worked with a great waller Matt Carter ( DSWA Level 3 ) back in Maine.  
Andy's client was looking to have a larger flat space and a wheelchair access. We spent the first 5 days prepping along with building the new updated four PA Colonial Blue stones. Which I feather and wedged according to Andy's direction. 

Double sided small seating wall. Just a few of the tools used on the job.

Strip out of wall along with blue stone patio. Plus 3 truck loads of 8" bedding sand hauled off site. 

My little Dingo TX420 even had a playmate ( spanking brand new Kubota SLV75) from across the street, come and help for a day. Andy did a stellar job learning how to operate the new hand controls. His ability to adapt is just one of the many skill sets which makes it a true pleasure to work with him. 

More to come in the weeks to come. 

Do you have a Stone Project?  2017 season has just began.  Let me help you ........ dream BIG!