Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comments now open

I have now opened comments to all. If you have tried in the past to post a comment you may have been declined. Now you won't be!  Unless you're trying to sell something like say a web site for logos....etc etc you'll get sent to spam.

Please take the time to go back and comment on any post you have tried in the past. I'm sorry for having this limited. Thank you for following my blog. I enjoy posting.


  1. Mark you are da Bomb.... Love love love the wall. And can truly appreciate the effort and skill needed to accomplish it.

    I just wish you could come to San Diego and make me one of your fire pits. And I have MOUNTAINS of rock to choose from. only granite though.


  2. Glad you love the wall. Ya nope on San Diego- Granite sounds like a fun stone to work with. Tree's logo looks great. Thanks for the hard work. I'll have to build a Fire pit kit so I can ship them out via UPS. Ha ha. I'm sure they would love that. Thank you again.

  3. Nice Job Mark! Nice even, level stone...amazing work. And, as you know, I am used to seeing nice stacked stone walls here in The Bluegrass. The steps "rock"!

    You should be proud!

  4. I know.... you could wrap each rock individually.... under fifty pounds.... Well.. Maybe not.

  5. Thank you Beth- your right you would know what your looking at in KY. You can walk out your door step and trip over stone walls. Ha Ha. Rock they do!

  6. Deb might be alot of rocks. Go Brown will not be happy. Nor some ones wallet.

  7. Mark that looks fantastic!!! come to Georgia and do some work!!

  8. Hi Mark,
    Your wall project is just stunning, you are truly and artist with such a gorgeous eye! I love seeing all your beautiful work.
    You totally rock,
    Christine :)

  9. Mark, I'm so glad Tree introduced me to your blog. You are truly and artist and that Warren road project is just tremendous!

    Your pictures of your amazing work while in progress are GREAT! I've created some raiused bed gardens with the round field stones so common here in Michigan, and I LOVE the look of natural stone so much that my husband has promised that he'll move my rocks for me when we build our farm up north in late spring!

    I wish we could afford to hire you to do some work for us up here! Keep up the amazing work!

    Your fan, Shelley

  10. Pamela-I like Georgia - my sister and husband are down there checking out the Coca-Cola Museum today. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to drive the dually down with the high gas prices. Plus the wife and horses might miss me. Thank you for your comments.

  11. Christine-I'm learning every day I work with stone. I have some amazing stone teachers and friends who I'm inspired by every day. With out them I would not be where I'm at today. Always nice when you can share the things you love with others. Sure makes life great when we love what we do. I never get tired of saying it "Rockin it out" ha ha Thank you.

  12. Shelley-Thank you all artist say they are not artist-but I will be happy to take credit. With 4 years of schooling and a BFA in Visual Communication Graphic Design. I feel I have found my place.

    Thats right take those stones with you. Stones always love field trips.. Heck I take some of mine around the block in the dump truck just so they can feel the breeze on their faces... Keep building. Don't give Tree any idea's about raised beds.