Friday, April 20, 2018

FREE SEMINAR! Understanding Proper Dry Laid Stone Construction

Understanding Proper Dry Laid Stone Construction

This seminar is FREE to attend and is intended for professionals in the industry: (Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers, Landscape Companies and their Employees, Masons, Hardscape Installers, Students, Teachers/Instructors).

The seminar will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 9:30am-noon
@ the Rockin Walls Training Center in Hampstead, MD 21074
by Mark Jurus, Certified DSWA and DSC Instructor/Waller.

The seminar will cover:
·      Basic terminology,
·      Understanding key elements (What makes a solid proper dry laid stone construction),
·      Why single sided walls fail!
·      Understanding why clean stone along with landscape cloth can cause more harm than good,
·      What you should look for when hiring or designing a stone wall,
·      Clear understanding of the right stone for the job,
·      How and where to start the design process,
·      Sustainable green building, (why it is so important to create eco systems for wildlife).


Please feel free to share our seminar with your employees, students, colleagues, and professional members as well as through social media. 

Mark Jurus has been working with stone since 2007 and started his certification process in 2009. Currently dual certified both with Dry Stone Conservancy (​DSC)​US  Level 2 Journeyman and Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) ​of Great Britain Level 3A. Mark holds the highest certification in surrounding states. In addition Mar​k is also a certified instructor and ​in 2014 set up the Rockin Walls Training Center.
​Mark and the Rockin Walls Training Center are both d​edicated to training and DSWA certification. 

Mark has been certified by several of the leaders in our industry, which includes Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Master Examiner from Scotland, Dan Snow DSC/DSWA Master Examiner from Vermont, Chris Tanguay Master Craftsman/Examiner DSWA-GB, DSC-US, and Brian Post Master Craftsman/Examiner DSWA-GB, Executive Director The Stone Trust VT, Licensed Landscape Architect VT. Neil has worked extensively with National Park Service (NPS)​ in the US for over 15 years and Dan is widely known ​for​ his creative stone art as seen in his two books. Mark has also worked on projects in Canada with DSWA Master/Examiner Dean McL​ellan 2012 StoneWurx and 2014 Willowbank School building two of the newest ​and largest inhabited dry laid stone structures in North America.
​Mark has lead trainings for members of the staff at:
·      Historical Preservation Training Center - National Park Service (HPTC NPS)​
·      Gettysburg Battlefield NPS in ​2016
·      Hopewell Furnace PA NPS 2016
·      Delaware Water Gap PA NPS 2017

Questions? or to RSVP email
Or call 443.291.9388

Monday, April 16, 2018

PASS! DSWA Level 3A, DSC 2, 25 Degree Slope & Curved Wall

Pass! April 13 2018
Chris Tanguay (Maine) Master Craftsman (Level IV) DSWA-GB, DSC-US  Examiner / Instructor.
Brian Post (Vermont) Master Craftsman (Level IV) DSWA-GB,  Examiner / Instructor, Licensed Landscape Architect VT, Executive Director of The Stone Trust.

As many of you know, I've been working towards my higher certifications for walling.  DSWA Level 3 Advanced and finishing my DSC Level 2 Journeyman requirements. This past fall I began the process of building two features highly finished. I started off with the 25 Degree (20) Sloped Wall working through the winter.  Then moving onto the Curved Wall, just finished in the last month. 

Exhausting, body aching, restless nights of body pain, late night dinners, loss of income, as well as decreased time with family and friends, lots of stone, stone shaping and stone waste, mind games, finding the drive to push through all kinds of weather, rain, snow, cold, short days...

Was it worth it?   YES! 

I learned so much about myself, my work ethic, my skill level and my drive to succeed from this process. This is why I believe so strongly in the certification programs. Those who don't choose to pursue this will never understand. It is difficult to put into words. Those who are certified will understand. 

Many Thanks to my #1 Supporter - My Wife Teresa P! 

Wall Specs: West Mountain Stone PA
Curved wall:  Below Grade protruding 35" foundation set in earth, 14' radius curve total length 16' inside, 45" build height below copes, 9" Vertical dressed copes, Tie stones set halfway, set on center 36" inside 27" base of wall with 15.5 top of wall,  NO RUNNING JOINTS!

20 Degree Sloped Wall:  Built on 25 degree slope, 14' length, large vertical stepper and boulders for cheekend, Stepped protruding foundation set in earth, 40" build height below 17"+ cover bands with 9" +/-  x 14" vertical battered extremely dressed copes, Tie stones set at 20" on 36" center 10"-12" w x 5"-6" h x 27" l, 1:6 batter, 14" top of wall before covers, 54" +/- total build height above foundation.  NO RUNNING JOINTS!


25 (20) Degree Sloped Wall