Friday, January 20, 2017

Learn from the best! Neil Rippingale - Rockin Walls workshops this Spring 2017

Formerly The Training Program Manager of the DSC KY

That's right Neil Rippingale is coming to Rockin Walls to instruct 2 workshops this Spring. Are you signed up? Space is limited and filling fast.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

SPRING 2017 Workshops don't delay sign up today! Look who's coming to town….

All New Line-up of Professional Instructors
Hampstead Maryland USA

Rockin Walls Training Center - The only Sponsored center in North America by the leaders in the masonry industry. Offering "Try Before You Buy Tools"

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Join renowned waller Neil Rippingale from Scotland for two action packed 2 day workshops!
NEIL RIPPINGALE  - Scotland Master Craftsman DSWA-UK, DSC-USA Examiner

Formerly The Training Program Manager of the DSC KY

Contractor Workshop $350, Advance Level, 2-Day 
March 30-31 2017 Thursday - Friday (Full~ email for standby spot)
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Lead Instructor Neil Rippingale, on-site Mark Jurus - DSWA / DSC

The Contractor workshop will involve, two walling styles Vertical Walling along with building with Irregular Random Stone. Structures will incorporating building special features such as lintels over tree roots, Obstacles such as boulders and much more.  Neil will explain the When, Where and How to Build with Stone on angle and vertical, demonstrations and the opportunity to cut and shape stone including tool maintenance and using the right tool for the right task at hand. Bonus add ons may include thermal stone, feather and wedges, the use of construction equipment. The workshop may not be limited to the content listed above. The assessment along with wish list included for sign up will dictate the pace, speed and level of this workshop. You won’t be disappointed.  "Try Before You Buy Tools"

Freestanding Wall Workshop $350, All Levels, 2-Day 
April 1-2 2017 Saturday - Sunday Full~ email for standby spot)
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Certified Instructors Neil Rippingale and Mark Jurus - DSWA / DSC

The Free Standing Wall workshop is an Introduction into the Basic skills of Dry Stone Masonry. Over two days we will cover the fundamentals of Dry Stone Construction, Theory, History, The Uses of Dry Stone in the present day, How to determine the size of a batter frame for your project, how to make a frame, selecting the right stone for the right place in the wall which develops confidence, efficiency and the importance of rhythm and minimizing unproductive actions, but not at the expense of quality. "Try Before You Buy Tools"

WOW - Women Only Workshop

Join us for an All Women's Workshop with the first U.S. Woman Instructor ~ Kim Coggin
Kim Coggin - Johnstown, PA   DSWA Level 2 & Instructor

Freestanding Wall ~ PA Fieldstone $350, All Levels, 2-Day
April 22-23 2017 Saturday - Sunday (limited space Full~ email for standby spot))
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Lead Instructor Kim Coggin DSWA, assisted by Lisa Tuzo DSC waller

on-site as needed ~  Instructors: Jerry Coggin DSWA, Mark Jurus - DSWA / DSC

Join us along with Instructor Kim Coggin for this special weekend workshop designed specifically for women. Alongside other women interested in the craft of dry laid stone, you will learn the necessary skills to build a 4' Freestanding wall with PA Field Stone and other local stone. PA fieldstone is a local stone to our region which can be purchased at any stone yard in and around the surrounding states. Introductory workshops will teach the basics of a 4 foot freestanding dry laid stone wall. "Try Before You Buy Tools"

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