Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool - Knee Pad / Kneeler Board

Man my knee's hurt! Well you can't put a price on youth. But you'll pay the price as you grow wiser for not protecting your body. My solutions are the kneeler board and the AWP gel hinging knee pads.

My buddy Dale from NC told me about these and how much he loved them because they work! I've tried just about every thing. Some times it's just as easy to avoid them all together. I've had the ones that snap or velcro or any thing else you can think of. They all fall down. (not like weeble's)  Frustrating!

Kneeler Board in between batter frames on ground. 

For years I have simply been using a kneeler board ($17.00). This has been great but like any thing it has its down sides. Don't they all?

The AWP Gel knee pads have a hinging system along with neoprene fabric and Velcro. The reason they stay on your leg is they actually strapped above to your thigh. By doing so this keeps them from falling down and one having to pull them up every 5 minutes. They have a gel on the back side making it comfortable long term for your knee caps. With other knee pads which use foam they will break down in time. The biggest complaint I have is don't let your pants bunch up behind your knee. If you do you will feel like you have sun burn on the back side of your leg. You have to be sure to set them up and pull all the wrinkles out of your pants.  Your legs thank you later. 

Both the kneeler and hinging knee pads have a place at the job site.  I like to use both for different things. Like when I build a foundation. I normally kneel in one spot at a time so the kneeler board does the trick. But when I start building and moving around then have to shape some stones, look for stones - I may be wearing the Knee Pads. 

Kneeler Board
Pro's - your knees don't sweat, you can move around easily since its not attached to you, affordable, make a great seat on top of a 5 gallon bucket for lunch breaks.

Con's - easy to trip over or get in the way when working, must pick up and move to next spot your working, not great when jumping around from spot to spot. Bulky

Knee Pads
 Pro's - Easy to take on and off, comfortable, go where you go,

Con's - get hot wearing, if your pants bunch up behind them you will have marks on your leg which-HURT,  no fun when a stone falls inside between the pad and your knee. Pricey!- but cheaper then a knee replacement.


The one improvement I would suggest on the Knee pads would be to make the inside a little stronger material. Within a few days the back side material was showing distress where the gel goes. I can't say I was happy about that since I had only had them for less then a week on the job site.

AWP Gel knee pads Gel Pro Grip Knee Pad 1L-22387-V2 I picked up a pair at Lowes for $50

What do you like and use? Please give your feedback on the comments.

2/2014 Update: Thank you to Alfred I've taken the time to order up some Snicker 3312 Trousers from UK. I'll be writing a few blogs to chat about these new pants as soon as I get them. Stay posted for a Blog to come. Thank you Alfred!!! From Active Workwear since they sell on Ebay and ship world wide. They made it extremely easy to pay with PayPal. Thank you Mike for helping me out. 


  1. For me inserts that you slip into the knee you work pants are the only way to go. I slip them into my work pants in the morning before I head out to work, and they usually end up staying in my pants until the pants get washed. Work very well and you forget you even have them in most of the time.
    I find strap on pads move around alot and irritate the back of the knees.

  2. Snickers work trousers with built in knee pads don't even take them out for washing! They are great

    1. I remember the crew from UK who I worked with at Stonewurx in Canada. They all had those cool pants with padding made for the craft. No one in the USA makes anything like that. I'll tell you my size so you can send me a pair over! You folks in UK have all the cools stuff!!!!

  3. I would happily bring you a couple pairs if you could use my labour for a couple of weeks in the new year ( no charge) while I work and observe? Keen to learn as much as poss.

    1. Might just have to take you up on that. But for some reason I don't think you have to come to USA to learn a craft which has been pioneered in your own country. You have so many amazing and talented wallers!!!! I wish I was in UK to just be around all those stone walls. Send me some names and images of those pants I'll be sure to put them up on this blog. If you have time and don't mind modeling your gear! Do they make gel pads or just foam?

  4. You can check out the work gear at