Mark Jurus – Certified:
DSWA Instructor, Dry Stone Professional Waller
Level 2 Journeyman DSC - Dry Stone Conservancy US
Level 3 Advanced DSWA - Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain

BFA - Visual Communication Graphic Design MICA – Maryland Institute College of Art

Hampstead Maryland

Gettysburg Battlefield PA NPS 2016 - Training

Mark Jurus has been working with stone since 2007 and started his certification process in 2009. Currently dual certified both with Dry Stone Conservancy (​DSC)​ US Level 2 Journeyman and Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) ​of Great Britain Level 3A. Mark holds the highest certification in surrounding states. In addition Mar​k is also a certified instructor and ​in 2014 set up the Rockin Walls Training Center. Mark and the Rockin Walls Training Center are both dedicated to training and DSWA certification. 

Mark has been certified by several of the leaders in our industry, which includes Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Master Examiner from Scotland, Dan Snow DSC/DSWA Master Examiner from Vermont, Chris Tanguay Master Craftsman/Examiner DSWA-GB, DSC-US, and Brian Post Master Craftsman/Examiner DSWA-GB, Executive Director The Stone Trust VT, Licensed Landscape Architect VT. Neil has worked extensively with National Park Service (NPS)​ in the US for over 15 years and Dan is widely known ​for​ his creative stone art as seen in his two books. Mark has also worked on projects in Canada with DSWA Master/Examiner Dean McL​ellan 2012 StoneWurx and 2014 Willowbank School building two of the newest ​and largest inhabited dry laid stone structures in North America.
Delaware Water Gap PA NPS 2017 - Training
Mark has lead trainings for members of the staff at:
·      Historical Preservation Training Center - National Park Service (HPTC NPS)​
·      Gettysburg Battlefield NPS in ​2016
·      Hopewell Furnace PA NPS 2016
·      Delaware Water Gap PA NPS 2017

Mark Jurus/Rockin Walls - Copyright 2013

Benefits of dry laid stone:
• Flexible System
• Free Draining
• Structural Durability that last centuries
• Natural stone can be recycled or easily repaired therefore making it a GREEN building material. 

2012 Stone Wurx Canada

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Baker Artist Portfolios . www.bakerartist.org/portfolios/mark-jurus-rockin-walls

1990 BFA - Visual Communication Graphic Design – Maryland Institute College of Art - MICA

1986 Hereford High School - Baltimore County Maryland, Elective - Drafting

10/2018 DSWA 3B TIMED TEST The Stone Trust Passed, Examiners: Chris Tanguay DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner Maine, Michael Weitznener DSWA Master/Examiner, Vermont US

4/13/2018 DSWA 3A Features Passed Examiners: Chris Tanguay DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner Maine and Brian Post DSWA Master/Examiner/Executive Director The Stone Trust Vermont 

4/12/2018 DSC Journeyman Features - Passed Level 2 completed, 
Examiners: Chris Tanguay DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner Maine and Seth Thomas 
DSC Master/Examiner Kentucky

9/8/2014 DSWA Instructor Certification / Training, The Stone Trust VT US

10/4/2011 DSC Journeyman Level 2 timed test, Historic Freestanding Wall, Limestone, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KY US Examiners: Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA, Scotland & Sean Adcock DSWA, Wales

4/30/2011 DSWA Level 2, The Stone Trust VT US

Examiners: Dan Snow DSWA/DSC, Vermont & Michael Weitznener DSWA, Vermont US

2009 DSWA/DSC Level 1, Historic Freestanding Wall, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KY US - Limestone Examiners: Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA, Scotland & Paul Webley DSWA, UK

Projects Precipitation:
2016 Rutland - Historic Retaining Wall Rebuild, 2 weeks, Quartzite boulders, Rutland Vermont, Project leads: T.J. Mora DSWA Level 2/ Instructor Vermont, Assistant Seth Harris Level 2/ Instructor Vermont

2014 Willowbank - Dry Laid Stone Blacksmith Building 42'L x 30' W x 88" H, 1 week, Quarried Limestone, Willowbank School of Restoration & Arts, Niagara Canada
Project leads: Dean McLellan/DSWA Master/Examiner, Andrew Loudon Chief Examiner DSWA - Great Britain, Bill Noble DSWA Master/Examiner Great Britain

2012 StoneWurx - Dry Laid Stone Stable Building 40'L x 21' W x 7' H, 1 week, Quarried Limestone, StoneWurx Hanover Canada
Project lead: Dean McLellan/DSWA Master/Examiner
On-Site: Andrew Loudon Chief Examiner DSWA - Great Britain, Bill Noble DSWA Master/Examiner Great Britain, Philip Dolphin DSWA Master/Examiner Great Britain, Stephen Harrison DSWA Master/Examiner Great Britain

8/2010 Wyman Park Dell Dry Stone Conservancy - DSC Project, Rebuild Retaining Wall 1 month - Baltimore MD
Project leads: Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner & Richard Tinsley DSC Master/Examiner

National Park Service - Training on Projects - Project Lead
5-6/2017 Delaware Water Gap PA NPS, Bridge Retaining Walls, 1 side failed due to wash out the other side due to improper building methods. Build, Rebuild - New/Old PA Blue Stone native to site with approval, 3 weeks training, 3 teams of Road and Trails NPS Staff. 

10/2016 Gettysburg Battlefield NPS Historic Preservation Training Center - National Park Service (HPTC NPS) New construction, Freestanding Wall - PA Field stone Start of Project - Training, design and sample wall, 3 weeks

6-7/2016 Hopewell Furnace PA NPS Historic Preservation Training Center - National Park Service (HPTC NPS), Historical Rebuild-Repair Retaining Wall, failed due to improper building methods. 2 weeks, Sandstone

Rockin Walls Training Center - Hampstead Maryland

4/14/2018 Freestanding Wall Workshop 2 day with Chris Tanguay DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner

11/4/2017 Freestanding Wall Workshop 2 day

Fundamental Workshop 1 day
4/29/2017 Flat work Workshop 1 day
4/1/2017 Freestanding Wall Workshop 2 day with Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Examiner/Master 

3/30/2017 Vertical Wall Contractors 2 day with Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Examiner/Master 
10/29/2016 Fundamental Workshop with Short seating wall 2 day
11/7/2015 Flat work and Steps Workshop 2 day
5/16/2015 Fundamental Workshop 1 day

4/18/2015 Retaining Wall Workshop 2 day
3/28/2015 Fundamental Workshop 1 day

11/8/2014 Freestanding Wall Workshop 2 day
Freestanding Wall Workshop 2 day

The Stone Trust - Vermont US
5/14-15/2016 2 Day Freestanding Wall Workshop with Michael Murphy Level 2/ Instructor Michigan
5/13/2016 1 Day Pre-Test Workshop with Seth Harris Level 2/ Instructor Vermont

Other sites
10/8/2016 Children's Mini Wall Workshop, Rock Creek National Park DC 1/2 day
2014 Willowbank 1/2 Day Freestanding Wall Workshop - Quarried Limestone, Niagara Canada

Workshops Attended:

3/31/2012 DSC 

Advanced Shaping workshop 2 day, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KY US Instructor: Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner, Scotland

5/31/2009 DSC Advanced Corner and Arch Workshop, 2 day, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KY US - Limestone Instructor: Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner & Richard Tinsley DSC Master/Examiner, Kentucky

4/8/2009 DSC Historic Retaining Wall Workshop, 2 day, Dayton VA - Irregular Fieldstone
Instructor: Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner, Scotland & David Kenley DSC Master/Examiner, Kentucky

5/13/2008 New Build Historical Cemetery Wall 3 Day, Mohonk Preservation New York, - Irregular Rip Rap Instructor: Dan Snow DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner Vermont, Andrew Pighills DSWA Level 3 Connecticut 

3/18/2007 DSC Historic Freestanding Wall Workshop, 2 day, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KY US - Limestone, Instructor: Neil Rippingale DSC/DSWA Master/Examiner