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 We've Missed You! 

Spring Workshops Are Back for 2022!

After a short hiatus (due to the pandemic) we would like to announce the return of our affordable workshops for all who are interested in learning the craft of dry laid stone construction. We keep our overhead down so we can help everyone afford our dry stone workshops. These are crazy times we are living in, but we really want to help you learn something new!  

Paypal links and dates coming 1/10/2022

April 2022

April 1 2022 Friday, Fundamental Learning Skills Workshop (This is not a workshop where you will be building a stone wall!) 1 Day Workshop $175*


April 2-3 2022 Saturday-Sunday, Free Standing Wall Workshop 2 Day Workshop $350*


April 23 2022 Saturday, Flatwork / Patio Workshop (Sponsors: Grabo Suction Tool & Hadler Paver Mallets) 1 Day Workshops $195*


April 24 2022 Sunday, Steps Workshop (Sponsors: Grabo Suction Tool) 1 Day Workshops $175*

* NOTE these workshop prices are a NON-REFUNDABLE PURCHASE

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  1. I've really enjoyed looking over some of your educational posts. Great site. If you decide to do any workshops that don't fall on a Sunday, or find you have time you'd like to fill with a 1 day instruction session, I would very much be interested.
    Rock on.
    pearson.piano (at)