Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Stone Trust "Only" Indoor Training Center VT USA

Brian Post Excitative Director ( shows what can be found inside the barn on the Scott Farm located in Dummerston Vermont. Brain also goes over the what is expected when your planning to take a test for your DSWA (Dry Stone Walling Associations UK) level 1 or 2.

For years I've trained and tested @ The Stone Trust. The Scott Farm is such a beautiful place to be. Easy lodging on site or down in town. May 2016 I was asked to come and teach with many other incredible DSWA examiners / instructors. I such a good time. What I really love the most about the team of certified DSWA members/instructors/examiners is the TRUE desire to share the craft. Teach, train and test - a life skill which others cold consider a direct threat to there own trade. Not with these certified wallers men and women -  sharing there passion which we have all learned to someone else. This can be best put was a trades family. A wiliness to share the love for what we do day to day. To often I witness personally in the trades the ignorance to keep everything to one self. A fear generated because you could take business away from someone else. I was taught early on that there is plenty of pie for everyone. Those who don't want to share are the ones who miss out in life. To bad for them!

I'll post some photos in the coming month of the May 2016 events.While I was up there I asked Brian (Professional DSWA Certified Waller/Instructor/ VT Certified Landscape Architect) if he would be ok being filmed. He had said they've wanted to film something but just didn't got around to it. While I have no plans to trade my trade for a new career in film. I do love the opportunities others have given so I may share with the world professionals in the trade of dry laid stone construction. Thank you all!!!