Sunday, December 26, 2010

Video - Fire pit

Every one loves a good fire. Dec 25, 2008 I gave my mother PA blue stone for X-mas just a few pieces. Then showed her a picture from Dan Snow's book. Merry X-mas Mom I'm going to build this for you! My Parents have created and sold fine american crafts for over 50 years. Every thing in the house still has a price tag. I grow up drinking out of hand made mugs. All one of a kind. Every year she would say. I don't need any thing. And she was right! But every one needs Fire. Merry Christmas to all and may 2011 bring happiness and joy.

Remember your family and friends - are Priceless!

Make the time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Home Town

Something to be said with where you were born. On my Birthday (Nov 7) my wife and I took our only vacation of the season. Away from all the horses and work. We headed to my hometown Dushore PA. We stayed at Ricketts Glen State park in one of their cozy cabins. At Ricketts Glen they have 7.2 miles of trails following 22 named water falls. The best part was the full loop of trail system in PA Blue stone. 

You don't have reach far to grab any stone to build what you need. Hard to believe this is my hometown! More stone then I could ever dream of. Fate? Childhood memory imprints? I took more then one photo as you could only imagine it was a stone candy store. unfortunately I had a computer glitch and lost all but one. One from a old rail road bed of the Loyal sock trail. A stone linteled drain which still works to help filter the mountain water from one side to the other. A true work of craft just like all the trail systems. Probably overlooked by those who walk over them everyday. Unless you love stone like I do. Water falls,? .... honey why didn't we bring the pick up truck to load some of this up???? I'll be right back in 4 hours. Wait right here - don't let anyone touch that stone.

This was built for the rail system and logging between the years of 1902-1925. You can see the beauty of all the wedges and shims on most of the stones. Once large boulders now made into large beautiful building blocks.

Other great State Parks in Sullivan County right around the corner from the Loyal Sock Trail - Worlds End State Park

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stone that heated the home

This stone fire place was believed to be civil war period. The log cabin still standing on a friends property in West Virginia. Just about on its last leg along with the fireplace. The stones looks to be sand stone. Nothing in which I had spotted any were on the property or in the area. The fire place is clearly lined with brick. I'm sure this was maintained throw out the survival of the dwelling throw generation to generation. I just could not get over the upper shaped stones at the bottom of the stack. Can I take you home? I won't tell if you don't!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stone Snow Away.

I know, I know - bad. I couldn't help my self. With temps getting down into the high 20's. We just got our first snow shower. After last season I believe a lot of us are afraid what might come again. I really miss the chance to lay more stones. Digging sure can be hard. Once you're able to get the footer going at least you don't have to stop building - unless your hot chocolate runs out. Then its time to call it a day. I'm not quite ready for snow. I have a footer to dig-could some one tweet mother nature for me. I'm just getting warmed up.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


There is no better time then all the time to lay around and gaze into a blue sky. Taking a break out of our perceived busy lives can be exhausting. One can always learn from the wise man with a tail.

One day a new home?

A man can always dream. I spotted this great barn foundation some time ago. I’ve stopped a couple of times to ask the owners if they would be ready to let me find it a new home. But no one is ever home. Time sure shows the age of this past relationship. This foundation was once a barn which had a job. The two have parted only to become one with nature. Circle of life waiting for a rebirth. Maybe in 2011 I will be there to help. We shall see!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why do piles of stone always look small?

In March 2010 I spotted a post in Craigs list barn stone $300 So I called. I had to travel about 45 minutes up the road into PA. A fellow's son had brought this home in a dump trailer with hopes to do something wonderful. Unit he and his girlfriends lives were taken in a Motorcycle accident 1 mile from home. Some of you may know I own a Motorcycle dealership - Parallel universe? So the time had come for the pile of stone to find a new home. A home where the dreams of a old Log cabin foundation would find a new place to grow. Grow wings and find the dreams of being apart of something it once was. A wall, foundation, steps. Simply a team of stones doing their job side by side. The total trip with the big Volvo dump truck took over 250 miles, 7 trips into evening. The New Holland skid loader got a work out that day. I just don't understand how one small pile of stone could become so many? How they grow. Time for a new birth.

I always feel like

somebody's watchin me! Who could that be?