Sunday, January 27, 2019

Pro Series - Setting Granite Cobblestone Edging

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Pro Tips on setting dry laid naturals cobblestone edging for a patios or walkway. I find it takes about 3 mins to set a cobble. For estimating I would suggest factoring in a total time of minimum 5 mins start to finish. Just add up your total length of the cobbles and their sizes.  Add a few extra to cover any stone which may break while setting. Cobblestones are granite which is a free grain stone. Less likely to break over time with mother nature. Other edging solutions are available such as plastic, timbers, pavers, or concrete. I prefer natural stone it typically will be the most expensive. It looks natural and will outlast any other option. Fitting the visual look and clients budget is key!

Granite cobbles colors:
White & Black speckled Grey called salt and pepper - Most common!
Yellow/Tan (as seen in video)
Black ( some of the hardest I found)
Phoenician Buff

Most common Sizes :
Jumbo Cobbles 4"x7"x10"
Regulation Cobbles 5"x5"x9"
Cube Cobbles 4"x4"x4"
Natural stone will very from stone to stone in size!

Bedding materials may very from area to area or the material you are using for a base with your patio/walkway...Typically the same methods.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dry Stone Certification WHAT TO KNOW for DSWA Level 1 TESTING

This Video is intended to simply cover some of the basics to assist and guide others in the process of pursuing Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain DSWA -GB Certification. Experience, practice  and workshops are some of the best ways to prepare. 

Many thanks to Jeremy Bishop Owner of Stone Craft Stonescapes for taking the time to help others.  Eamon was to shy to be on camera : (  Thank you Eamon for all your help at the site for prep. I'm proud to say both passed there DSWA level 1 April 2018 at Rockin Walls Training Center. Great job guys and gals who have invested in our trade!

DSWA Level 1 Requirements: Each candidate will strip down and rebuild 27 sq. ft. of free standing wall, within a seven hour period.  27 sq ft is roughly equal to a wall 4 feet 6 inches tall and 6 feet long.  (The square footage is measured on one face.)  The test is done in the presence of the Examiner to meet minimum Level I requirements.

Helpful Links:

2019 Is a fresh year to begin your journey to becoming a Certified Waller ! 
Consider taking a workshop(s) or Prep classes to gear up - plan for success. Invest in knowledge from others in our trades.

Workshops can be found at:

2019 Certification / Testing 
The Stone Trust VT -

Dean McLellan Stonework -
July 19 2019 DSWA UK Certification Day w/ MasterCraftsmen Jim James R Hanson and Laurie Lambeth (incredible fair, knowledgeable and great guys to top it off) Helped me alot for my level 3! TY Guys..m-

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 ROCKIN WALLS NEWS FLASH! Start of a New Year

Time flies when you're having fun. Do what makes you happy everyday!

I'm so excited to share with you some of the wonderful things to come.  Along with a few that just happened. Man I'm so pumped for this year..

First NEWS FLASH Workshops are up with PayPal Buttons! More important NEWS - Master Craftsman DSC/DSWA Neil Rippingale from Scotland RETURNS to RW Training Center to teach 2 workshops this Spring April 2019. 

• April 6th 2019 1 Day Fundamental Building Skills workshop (Saturday) $300

• April 26th 2019 - 1 Day Shaping workshop (Friday) $375 W / Neil Rippingale
• April 27-28 2019 2 day (Saturday/Sunday) Freestanding or Cheekend Workshop $450 W / Neil Rippingale

All the information can be found at

What's new with YouTube? Well this coming year I will be making plans to begin more Video Blogging. Stay tuned and please subscribe. Check out all YouTube  Videos with my Brand New Custom URL -

My Top 10 favorites! Yes see my all time favorites at the Baker Awards. A site dedicated to Maryland Artist of all types. Each year I list my work under visual arts. I'm a proud Graduate of MICA – Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA - Visual Communication Graphic Design please check out my portfolio along with all the other amazing talent

Wicked BIG! Yes too large to put into words. I've been having the time of my life creating the most amazing backyard space with multiple landings. I just can't begin to explain. So I will show you as I continue my journey creating. Stay tuned.

My work hits the NEW STANDS. Yes November Brian Post DSWA Mastercraftsman executive director of The Stone Trust, wrote part one of dry laid stone. My 2016 Millers MD Spring house just happen to be the Main article spread. How incredible is that? Thanks Brain for all you do spreading the good word of stone! 

Also at a Website on line you can pick up one of these amazing Dry Laid Stone Calendars from The Stone Trust. Rockin Walls the June centerfold of 2019. Highlighting Nick Balducci owner of 2 Bluestone Quarries in lower New York. You know your having fun when you get to pick any stone you want! See it on YouTube

To purchase a 2019 calendar $12.00click here: 

2018 I finished out the year with 2 New Levels of Certification - Level 2 Journeyman DSC - Dry Stone Conservancy US and Level 3 Advanced DSWA - Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain. For some this might not seem like a news flash but let me explain I'm currently only 1 of 11 to be DSWA Level 3 Advanced in the US. 1 of 11 the US is a big place..... and in addition I'm one of a few to be dual certified.

In order to reach these levels you must build several different stone features, then once you pass those you move to the timed test. For DSC you must strip out and rebuild freestanding wall 4' tall by 10' long measured at center of wall tie stones. = 40 square face feet in 8 hours. For DSWA you must strip out and rebuild a retaining wall 49 square face feet in 7 hours. As Seen at top of this Blog. That's what I call moving. Rockin and a Rolling to get the job done. 

Many thanks to my Wife Teresa for all the support with this Journey, Kim Coggin, George Gunn, Lydia Noble, Jared Flynn, Laurie Lambeth, James Hanson, Chris Tanguay, Brian Post, Dean McLellan and so many more who helped me understand the ins and outs the ups and downs. TEAM WORK ALL THE WAY.