Sunday, January 27, 2019

Pro Series - Setting Granite Cobblestone Edging

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Pro Tips on setting dry laid naturals cobblestone edging for a patios or walkway. I find it takes about 3 mins to set a cobble. For estimating I would suggest factoring in a total time of minimum 5 mins start to finish. Just add up your total length of the cobbles and their sizes.  Add a few extra to cover any stone which may break while setting. Cobblestones are granite which is a free grain stone. Less likely to break over time with mother nature. Other edging solutions are available such as plastic, timbers, pavers, or concrete. I prefer natural stone it typically will be the most expensive. It looks natural and will outlast any other option. Fitting the visual look and clients budget is key!

Granite cobbles colors:
White & Black speckled Grey called salt and pepper - Most common!
Yellow/Tan (as seen in video)
Black ( some of the hardest I found)
Phoenician Buff

Most common Sizes :
Jumbo Cobbles 4"x7"x10"
Regulation Cobbles 5"x5"x9"
Cube Cobbles 4"x4"x4"
Natural stone will very from stone to stone in size!

Bedding materials may very from area to area or the material you are using for a base with your patio/walkway...Typically the same methods.

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