Monday, September 8, 2014

9/2014 Dry Stone Blacksmith Building, Willowbank School, Niagara Falls Canada

Me and my Amish mason buddy Mark traveled to WillowBank school 9/2014 in Canada to take part in learning with some of the best wallers in the world. Mark tested for his level 1 DSWA on Monday and PASSED! Con-grads Mark for getting it done. 

This is the 4th human inhabited Dry Laid Stone building in North America that Dean McLellan (from Canada) has orchestrated to be built. The last one I was able to go and put some stone on was the Stone Wurx back in 2012. A 20'W x 40'W x 7.5" H with a green roof. As seen below. I walled on the upper chimney. 

Over 22 men and women come over from UK, Canada and USA. UK is the home of some of the oldest Dry laid stone structures still standing in the world. Andrew Loudon, Bill Noble-family all made the trip to teach, judge and work on the building.

Bill Noble looking for stone.
The best part is that this event is being held at the Willbank School with a focus on ecological and sustainable approach to heritage conservation. Teaching others crafts from the past for tomorrows future. (I wish we had schools like this in America) Getting back to basics is my love for dry laid stone. The same principles have not changes for 1000's of years. You don't need any fancy tools. You just need to make the time to learn about the proper methods. You can always find a rock.

This event was hosted in Queenston Ontario, Canada. Another great job Dean! Thank you. 

The Blacksmith building being built. Yes all dry laid stone of course not the roof. ha ha ha...That's one large building!

2013 WillowBanks Back wall.
As seen in this photo Andy Loudon from UK holding up a rock at the far right of the wall. What strength and restraint he shows with such explicit form. Thats true talented skill at its best UK style. 

Andrew Loudon doing a Sunday competition among other wallers
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Many thanks to my wife Teresa for supporting me allowing me the opportunity to spend a week learning more about my craft. I know all our horses and cat will only get the best care while I'm gone. I'm going to miss her and all of them even the newest fuzzy kitten someone dropped off 2 weeks ago.  Man he's cute - At least he now has a loving family to care for him.