Monday, April 25, 2011

UPDATE: First Defense Nasal Screens

One night I was watching a TV show on ABC called Shark Tank. The show is about people with inventions who present their product to sell the concept to a board of investors. The investors may or may not accept buying or investing.

This one episode had a new product called First Defense Nasal Screens (tm). The best part about this product - it works!  When I'm out all day moving stone, shaping stone, digging dirt.....DUST - DUST - DUST. Nothing that looks good at the end of the day when I have to blow my nose. To sum it up I love the idea of protecting my lungs and health. But not at the cost of wearing a face mask which I have to feel like I'm suffocating in. Dust masks also cause my glasses to fog up and make me feel hot.  I just hate them. Only in extreme situations will I wear a real dust mask or filter system. For example cutting stone with a gas saw. 

4/19/11 Monday I tried my first pair of Nasal Screens from Filter Your Life. I have to say I liked them. 

Cons - a little challenging when you have to eat - breathing and swallowing, if you have  a runny nose fluids can filter throw- but if you have to blow your nose or just the runny nose from cold weather- they may loose there stick over time. Print/marketing material needs a make-over to say the least. 

Pros - smart solution to your health at affordable price. Not only are these great they claim to be 99% effective on almost all air board allergens. They are not obstructive.  They are visibly attractive compared to the alternatives. Easy to use. At the end of the day when I pulled them off to blow my nose- I had nothing but clear fluids with NO DUST! A+ by my testing. I could keep going - You be the judge!

Image from Filter Your Life

Pricing starts at $13 w/shipping for a pack of 7 sets - 1 Week supply. ($1.87 1-set )

First Defense Nasal Screens tm
7143 State Rd 54, #117
New Port Richey, FL  34653
Phone:  877.MY.AIR.09
Fax:  800.616.0258
4/25/11 Update:
Today was about 80 degrees. I have really enjoyed the nasal screens they do work. The problems I had today was sticking to my nose. With fluids building up the stick on the product just doesn't hold up. I had to go through 2 pairs today-after the second pair I went the remainder of the day with out them. They need to make a "Active" version with STRONGER Adhesive.

5/17/11 Update:
I used the first defense again. I found about half way through the day they fell off. In a 8 hour day if your doing hard work expect to have to replace them. With fluids building up- they don't hold as well as they should! The product does the job - they just don't hold up to a hard day of work. If they had a more aggressive adhesive they just might hold up longer.

2/2014 Update: I'm currently testing a few new products I'll be blogging about soon. I still love this product the biggest issue I still have is that if you have a runny nose normally by 4 hours the product looses its stickiness and come off your nose.  I will add a link to my future blog post to come.


  1. Are you still using the Nasal First defence screens ??

    1. I've just recently switch to a full respirator system. Its important with the work I do to fully cover my lungs.