Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stone Trust VT

On Thursday April 28th me and my stone buddy Dale from NC hit the road to go to Vermont.  We were headed to The Stone Trust in Vermont for our Level 2 Initial DSWA. 

Back in town I feel like I don't know were to start ?!$* first photo's then more copy tomorrow. I had such a great time. I'm still on my stone high. 

 Great weather, Great people. Great old barn for testing inside. The Stone Trust

How could you not love looking out side every day to see this! Time for a stone break?! or just lunch. Look at that view. Makes me want to jump in. 

We stopped at a rest stop in Connecticut , I look over what do I see- but Stone Art.... So of course it only made sense for us to leave a little of our own. 

More to come.... Wow


  1. Intresting stuff Mark. Must get round to trying some stone balancing some day. Maybe next time I get dragged out to the beach in the summer I see if there is a nice stoney spot for me to go and play!

  2. If you have not tried stone balancing then you are missing on the next best thing. Sure beats TV. I can't wait to see what you come up with. The amazing thing is that the top picture- all that was what I spotted. I only repaired one adding 2 more stones making a five high. Fun stuff. People stopped just to watch. Other wise they would just walk right by missing the simplest things in life.