Friday, April 15, 2011

Wall Frame -Cons

Wall frames are one of the most important tools for building walls. They do have some cons that I have found, making walling a challenge. Of course the positives outweigh the negatives. To name a few cons I'll start with curves. Building curves with wall frames can be a challenge. I find they block my view on my curve. I have a difficult time stepping back to see the shape when a frame(s) is in the middle of my build. Lately I have focused building without them on curves.

Stones behind the frame-

The 2 stone masons who worked on this section may have been so focused on building, they forgot to work with each other? Noticed the running joint all the way up the wall to the left of the bucket. I'm sure they had a wall frame directly between them. Instead of taking the time to lay stones behind the frame they only focused on their section. Of course this same issue can easily happen with any one. Unless you focus on building properly behind the wall frame.


  1. Ya I'm the same, I dont use them on a curved wall, I think its more important to have a good flowing curve. Nothing worse than having a perfectly built wall with a wonky curve in it.

  2. I like your term "wonky curve" - that sums it up. I remember my first wonky curve, I won't make that mistake twice.