Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Business - Full Color Printing

I have a BFA in Visual Communication in Graphic Design. I always wonder why people don't take the time to put as much energy into promoting their business. As they do in their day to day business or craft. The business card - A simple answer to every thing. But I have seen every thing from the printed off a printer to the Vista print cards. Now come on. In this day one can buy 1000 full color printed cards. Or you can buying a ink cartridge for the same price. Now if you have any of the above please take a hard look at getting some new cards.  Now I love supporting my local printer but the last batch I sent him end up costing me $70 for 1000.

A well designed full color business card should be just as important as your line of work. I have been using a company called Copy Craft over the years. Take some time to look at their site. You will be amazed when you see you can order up 1000 full color cards for $25 bucks. Yes Really. But wait there's more. You can have them do just about every thing. So even if you normally can't afford to set your employees up with personal cards. Now you can. They will really feel like part of the team now.

So be sure to get some new cards. If you don't have a Identity for your company take some more time to make sure all marketing materials tie into one another. So if you already walk out of the house wearing matched stocks your off on the right foot. Don't stop now!

Copy Craft 4413 82nd St. • Lubbock, TX 79424 • 1-800-794-5594

Side notes. I don't feel that all full color or off the shelf printers are the answer to every solution. As a designer some times the best idea's are right in front of you. Those idea's could be as simple as handing a customer a rock with your name on it. Having a creative business card will help that first time customer remember you. That's the name of the game. 


  1. (PS - GotPrint.com is really good too; I got 500 cards, color, UV on both sides for 17.50, I'll never order from Vista again!)

  2. 500 cards will last at least a year or two. That's a great price. Good for others to know about all the chooses out there.