Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 First Day Of Walling - YIPPIE

20 ft Long x 24"-28" High Butler Stone mixed with old Marriottsville Stone w/4 Blue stone steps.
3/8/2017 Wednesday was the first day of walling!  Nothing is better than working with stone.  All I could think about all day was I LOVE MY JOB!!!.  Feels so good to put a wall up in a day, after waiting all winter for this day to come. 

Andy having a great time learning how to ride a heavy load as the little dingo moves 500 + pounds
This has been such a great job for me since I'm working with Andy McEvoy on his client's project in Woodbine MD. I rarely have the opportunity to work with other wallers. Andy moved back from Maine with his wife. Andy had worked with a great waller Matt Carter ( DSWA Level 3 ) back in Maine.  
Andy's client was looking to have a larger flat space and a wheelchair access. We spent the first 5 days prepping along with building the new updated four PA Colonial Blue stones. Which I feather and wedged according to Andy's direction. 

Double sided small seating wall. Just a few of the tools used on the job.

Strip out of wall along with blue stone patio. Plus 3 truck loads of 8" bedding sand hauled off site. 

My little Dingo TX420 even had a playmate ( spanking brand new Kubota SLV75) from across the street, come and help for a day. Andy did a stellar job learning how to operate the new hand controls. His ability to adapt is just one of the many skill sets which makes it a true pleasure to work with him. 

More to come in the weeks to come. 

Do you have a Stone Project?  2017 season has just began.  Let me help you ........ dream BIG!