Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nikon and Panasonic

For over 2 years I've been shooting with a Nikon D90 SLR camera. Like they say a pictures worth a 1000 words. When it comes to having the right tools for the job this is just one of mine. It's so important to take pictures. 1) to help promote my work 2)  to document my growth. 3) "I wish I should have"

The D90 has been a great camera since it was one of the first SLR's to shoot video. I have been doing just that. I have also learned a lot in the last year about working with Imovie app on the Mac (standard program) I have enjoyed making movies so much it I felt it was time to move into a Digital Camcorder. So with all the X-mas and birthday money I bought a Panasonic HDC-SD60 after referring to Cnet for help.

shot with Nikon D90

Now I will be able to shot more in FULL HD. I can't wait. Look out YouTube! If you have any request please let me know. If your not shooting - start now. If you don't have video's on YouTube learn. Its free, you can help others, you can avoid the tv and best of all share what you capture. The internet can be such a powerful tool.

To read more about the extra's you should consider check out Buying a Digital SLR.


  1. Im considering to buy myself a decent SLR camera but dont know where to start, I take it you recommend the Nikon D90 SLR

  2. See new post-I couldn't help my self! Hard for me to say Yes.

  3. Well Mark, I went ahead with your advice and blew my camera budget out of the water and splashed out on the D90! Lovely camera, only have it a few days so still trying to get my head around it. Picked one up for a good price while abroad, will be booking myself into a training course when I get home.