Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How - To Fill Joints

A blog reader asked what to use in the joints of PA Blue stone. They had been told they could use: stone dust, small stones or gator dust. All will work! I prefer to use Gator Dust by Alliance. Gator Dust has some great benefits - helps prevents erosion, weeds sprouting throw and damaged caused by insects. Gator dust is like grout or mortar but it never gets hard. Making it easy to remove if needed. 

Alliance Gator applications:
Sand joints up to 1 or 1.5 inchs
Dust  joints from 1/2  to 4 inchs

How do you install Gator dust?  You simply pour onto your stones and brush into all the joints. Mist with water - the product will set up with in time. Its that easy! This can be a little pricy on large jobs but truly worth the investment long term.

Gator Sand dry

Sand 3 colors 

Slate Grey


Dust 2 colors

Sahara Beige

Stone Grey

Beige Gator Sand shown above wet.

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  1. Hey Mark- we enjoy your blog. Posted a similar topic to our own last month with a few more detailed steps of the process we use. Though it demonstrates the use of polymeric on a paver patio, you/your readers might find it helpful.


  2. Martin- I enjoyed reading your post- thank you for sharing this with others! I like the part about the tiki bar!

  3. Hi,

    Love your blog. Question- have you seen moss grown on Gator Dust/ Sand? I'd like to encourage moss, just wanted to see if this would work.


    1. Lizzie,
      Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I would NOT suggest using polymeric sand. Instead consider using natural stone dust, course sand or dirt would truly be the best. The only down side you'll get more then just moss growing. With any of these three you also run the risk the joints getting washed out. The upside is that it will be free draining. So any water that comes off the stones will water any moss. I've heard of people take milk and moss and put them in the blender to help promote quicker growth. Others I've heard say just but milk in the area's you want moss to grow. I can't say I have done any of the above. I do know if your area has a light of sun it might be a little hard to have moss grow. It does like wet damp darker area's. Let me know how it works out. If you would like to send some pics. I'd like to see what your trying to fill.

      Thank you again for following my blog.