Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tool - Bagster dumpster

What is the Bagster? A little green bag you buy at your local home improvement center. But wait this is no ordinary little green bag!! The Bagster is a soft dumpster. Which can hold up to 3300 lb of debris. The bag unfolds to a 4' x 8' with 2' 6" high walls. The Bagster is owned by Waste Management. This means just about any where in the USA you can call to schedule for a pick up.

Of course I don't us it for a dumpster. I use it to move material around. I had one job on my property which I had ornamental grasses which had to be moved. I started by using the skid loader to loosen them up and push them over the side. Then I placed them into the Bagster and lifted them back out.

I had another job using tumbled stones for a walk.

I had all the stones loaded in the back of my pick up. Then went to the job - unloaded out of the back of the truck.

Got home and lifted every thing out with the skid loader. Placing the stones aside for storage.. Quick and easy without any shoveling out of the back of the truck to unload. I call that easy on the back. If you own a skid loader

I have a customer who has been salvaging old bricks from a historical site. The bricks are in the  lower part of the foundation. With a few trees and winches he's been pulling every thing out using the Bagster. You just have to get creative.  Just don't show up at the grocery store.

This is one strong little bag. But don't let it site out in the elements for to long. It will start to break down and lose all ability to haul or move material.

The Bagster sells for $30
Pick up and Removal around $130

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