Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day

My lovely wife surprised me with nice card and taste treats from our Farm Animals. We don't have children but we care for 8 horses and now only 7 cats. We love all of them. I gave my thanks to all of them with lots of scratches.

Then headed to Hershey PA (yes the same place they make those taste candy bars!) to see my Dad. My parents had for over 50 years made and sold Fine American Crafts in Mt Washington MD. A few years back it was time to close shop and move on. Both my parents have specialized in creating jewelry. Not the commercial kind- but good old made from metal using precious stones.

My father has switch gears and moved back to wood. The cost of wood is much cheaper. This is some of the amazing things he has been doing lately.

These salad tosser's he just made this week. They fit in your hand so nicely. And yes they are all for sale!

I guess art runs in the family. Thanks Dad.
Happy Fathers Day!

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