Friday, May 6, 2011

DSWA Intermediate test-PASSED!

Congratulations to me! I passed my Intermediate DSWA Dry Stone Walling Association (UK) timed test.  

I was 1 of 8 to be the first to test in the new Stone Trust barn, located at 707 Kipling Road Dummerston, VT 05301. In order to pass my required 7 hour timed test I needed to take apart an existing 5ft high x 5ft long wall with wall head. Keeping a level headed mind and making every moment a practical one I attempted to waste no energy unnecessarily. Every time I test I learn some thing new about my self. I love it!

The Wall Head (cheekend) is one of the hardest but also the most practical requirements in walling.  Understanding and building a proper wall head is one of the key ingredients for many other walling features.  Not to mention day to day building. 

I like to thank the examiners for keeping a eye on me as I built my wall. When I was all done giving helpful insight to help further my knowledge and eduction in the craft. Examiners: Michael Weitzner / Dan Snow.

Jared Flynn for that helpful reminder "it's not your best work...." (ie build it to finish the test - build it properly - but don't sweat it).

More importantly I'd like to thank my lovely wife for pushing me to find my dreams and holding down the farm. She offered to call me the day of the test if I needed a pep talk.  With so many positive words ahead of time I was ready for my task at hand! Thank you Tree - for being by my side - I needed that!

What's next?


  1. Hi name Is Ian I am a Dry stone waller now living and working in Australia..I have a blog but havent updated it for
    i am a member of DSWA UK and Australia..
    cheers Ian ...i will be back here for sure ..

  2. Hi Ian,
    Thank you. I like your work. I hope you will find some time to start your blog up again. I would love to follow your work.

  3. hi again Mark..will get the wife to update the blog ..i'm not computer savvy cheers mate Ian in Oz...