Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tool - Carbide sharpening system

If you need a great sharpening system to keep your carbide tools in tip top condition. These are just a few to help you out. You have two chooses for variable speed girders with the Trow and Holden sharpening system.

FACT:  Variable speed grinders - keep you from having chatter due to high speed. For example I tried the grinding wheel without having the speed control my chisel bounce all over the place. Making it impossible to control the damage I was creating. Nor should you use a standard die grinder without speed adjustment.

Harbor Freight 7 inch polisher # 92623 $50-

Bosch 1803EVS 5 inch $136-

Sharpen System shown in picture. (A drill version is also available. )
Trow and Holden 
Diamand Pads
#G4102 4 INCH GENESIS 120 Grit $31
#G4103 4 INCH GENESIS 220 Grit $25
#P0401 4 INCH BACKPLATE W/ Velcro $24
(these are not listed on their web site - tell them I sent you!)

Check out the YOUTUBE

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