Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why do piles of stone always look small?

In March 2010 I spotted a post in Craigs list barn stone $300 So I called. I had to travel about 45 minutes up the road into PA. A fellow's son had brought this home in a dump trailer with hopes to do something wonderful. Unit he and his girlfriends lives were taken in a Motorcycle accident 1 mile from home. Some of you may know I own a Motorcycle dealership - Parallel universe? So the time had come for the pile of stone to find a new home. A home where the dreams of a old Log cabin foundation would find a new place to grow. Grow wings and find the dreams of being apart of something it once was. A wall, foundation, steps. Simply a team of stones doing their job side by side. The total trip with the big Volvo dump truck took over 250 miles, 7 trips into evening. The New Holland skid loader got a work out that day. I just don't understand how one small pile of stone could become so many? How they grow. Time for a new birth.

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