Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tool - Wagon, 1200 pound rated

The current job I'm now on had some logistical challenges. The biggest issue were to storage material on the job site (stone has to be hauled in one dump truck load at time) the second the moving of the material for this 70' long wall. I had never owned a wagon like this but I figured the foot print it would leave on the landscape would be one of the smallest. I own a wheel barrow but I've never used it for walling. 

You can find these just about any were. I picked up mine from my local Tractor Supply Store for about $110. With an investment like this I had nothing to lose if it can help save my back and a little more time. What I like about this wagon over a wheel barrow. I can see all my stones very well and work right off the platform. I can even put down one or all the walls making it even easier to grab stones. This wagon has a great turning radius and will not fall over if you make to tight of a turn since it has a wide wheel base. 

This wagon had a rating of 1200 pounds. The first thing I did was to cut some plywood to protect the bed made out of steel mesh. Ya that would not have lasted to long with some rip rap stones. Now I can just throw them in. Well kind of......

So far I've moved over 12,000 pounds of stone - I'd say this was well worth the investment. Really not to bad to pull around either. 


  1. Great idea Mark. I might have to follow your lead and pick me up one of those. I could see it coming in handy for a number of things.

    1. I know - cheaper then the new/used Dingo I just bought. This little wagon has done all kinds of work on my current job. I was amazed just how well this has worked out. Yup best money spent so far. It even has a hook up so you can attach it to a lawn mower or atv. Pretty cool. I'm lovin it!