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June 27th 2020 Flatwork/Patio Workshop

Rockin Walls Training Center hosted the second Sold Out - reschedule spring workshop June 27th. This workshop was the Flatwork Patio. Great group with the owner Robert Lehnhoff's and 4 of his lead team members along with the Pearson Brothers, Tyler and Luke. Who for the last 2 days were busy moving Luke out of NY to PA. On a Hot high 80's everyone really put in some hard work. Many thanks to all. A big thanks goes out to certified waller Adam Fisher from Baltimore helping with instructing. Adam does a great deal with Bluestone sheet stock making some amazing patios, walls, steps... check him out.

I'd also like to thank all our sponsors, Balducci Stone Yard, PaveTech, Swanson Level, PAW Wheelbarrow, Spartan Tools, Trow & Holden Tools VT just to name those tools we used this past weekend. Rockin Walls Training Center is the only training center with "Try Before You Buy" tools. See our full line up of sponsors:

We started the day off with edging options and setting patterned blue stone called squares and recs. The Lehnhoff's team jumped right in on the 3/8th angular washed stone bed.

While the Pearson brothers started out on the concrete sand bedding. No time was wasting looking for all the right sizes. After making some great progress we took a slideshow break at the request of Robert Lehnhoff's to see how Adam and I work with large sheets of bluestone to make our patios. We also had the opportunity to show off other edge examples

Later in the day Nick Balducci owner of 2 bluestone quarries in New York. Stopped by to give some great wisdom about Bluestone quarries. Everyone had the chance to ask some very good questions. Nick offered any one who would like to see more to contact Greg at Balducci Stone Yard located at Maryland Line. 

Many thanks Nick for taking the time to swing over to the training site. 

After lunch we jumped right into demonstrating and teaching feather and wedging. This is another great way at a low investment on tools to be able to custom split large stones for caps, curves, tie stones... Robert Lehnhoff wasted no time eagure to see just how this would stack up compared to traditional methods used such as a 14" Concrete Saw. The first straight cut was just to easy for him. 

He wasted no time making a curve to see just how well it would split on a 3"thick bluestone. 

SUCCESS! Next the question came up would you and or how could you dress out the drill marks? Adam and I grabbed our go to chisels and showed the quick and easy way to clean things up. Normally this is not always necessary since this is a traditional method for splitting stone. 

It wasn't long before Robert was up to just one more thing! Making the R for Rockin Walls Logo. This is truly one owner who is hands on all the way! Just like they say lead by example. Now the "R" was to small and did not work out as hoped. A for effort - Robert, can't say you didn't try to push the envelope on that one. 

Once finished we moved right into stand up or also called flag, irregular. Now the biggest thing about this workshop was to cover all the basics. 1 day is not enough time to cover grades, base, compacting, so many other key topics when building a patio. While we touch base we really wanted to have the hands on with all the stone. Show off all the tools we use and last but least the tricks that have worked well for me and Adam creating for our clients. 

Adam showing the over top cutting and scoring method of two stones

Next he demonstrated my method of angle cutting the side for 4 reasons. 1) giving the look that it is tight to the next stone. 2) hiding the saw cut sides 3) minimizing gravel snow plowing in the joints when setting, lifting...moving 3) the ease of chiseling the edge if the stone was cut to tight that it doesn't quite fit correctly.

Then once again Robert took all the stones we had just cut and give a spin in the PAW Battery assisted wheelbarrow. No joke this thing is a game changer for moving things around a jobsite any day! These stone would have taken 3 guys/gals to move. 

The end of the day everything was cleaned up except for the remains of the irregular flagstone. Everyone did a great job keeping safe distance. JC from Lehnhoff's did an amazing job following up with sanitizing all the tools all day - many thanks. We had 2 wash/sanitize stations along with 2 tool sanitize stations, and 1 spray station by the ice cold water served all day. It was a hot one but we rocked it out. 

Next workshop SOLD OUT July 11-12 2020 Freestanding wall workshop with visiting instructor from UK/TN Martin Beevers.

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