Monday, February 17, 2014

Estate Entrance Way, Pillar - Wall, Proposal Drawling Specs

In my drawing I have shown the left side which would be the same as the right side - mirrored.  Both would have a slight curve to follow the current wooden fence line. Shown in mini sketch at lower right. 

I like to draw out my visions for proposals to help my clients have a clearer understanding of what services I'm offering.  When a client can see your vision they will understand what services you're offering. 

This skill set puts me above others who don't take the time to create value in their proposals. I only go to this level once I have a strong commitment and understanding. We are both on the same path.

Proposed space left side
The first two 8' sections of wood fence would be replaced with 6 foot high pillar and 4 foot high wall. This would be a total of 16 feet of fence removed and replaced with local natural stone. A dry laid stone construction - An Estate Entrance Way. 

Proposed space right side
I like to be a part of the space when planning a project in order to get a better sense of what will be a match to the landscape. I've seen way too many great jobs that just don't fit the landscape.

Have you ever driven down the road and seen a Home or a Hardscape that just looks out of place? You get that gut instinct that something isn't right. Having a BFA in Vision Communication Graphic Design I have a trained education in compositions and negative space. This is a skill set I bring to the table helping to allow me to create Start to Finished work with out a team.  Giving the highest level of quality to each job.

Other quality examples of Dry Laid Stone - Estate Entrance Way can be viewed on:  McAlister Stone - Lancaster KY

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  1. Nice drawings. I am working on developing some construction drawing on Sketch Up to use in the same way.