Sunday, June 10, 2018

2018 Balducci Bluestone Outdoor Living Space - Monkton MD

This project was Built for Nick Balducci who owns 2 Bluestone Quarries in NY. This Backyard makeover highlight all his stone except the granite cobbles and aggregated. Patio, Walkway, Seating walls, Fire pit area. 

Patio 14'L x 24' W bluestone sheet stock (2"-4" Thick) bedded on 4" -/+ of 3/8th single washed aggregate ( called #8 in our region) Seating walls 23"-24" H with flat caps ranging from 2"- 4"H, Front aggregate walkway and fire pit area 24' circle filled with 3/4" limestone aggregate (called #57 in our region) with Jumbo Granite Cobbles 7" H x 10" L x 3.5" W +/- for all the edging. The fire pit are also has a BRAND New Product Bluestone Edging ranging from 7"H x 24" -/+ with many more options coming. The treads are Natural Cleft tops with Thermal faces 6' L from house then 5' L going to upper grass landing. Specs: 18" W set at 16" +/- walk Tread, 7" +/- Rise.

All stone maybe purchased at Located at Maryland Line off I-83

The benefits of dry laid stone walks, patios, walls are flexible, free draining - Permeable! They can easily be repaired or rebuilt with minimal impact to our landfills. Natural stone never goes out of style! Typical Bluestone patios need stone adjustments every 15-20 years when bedded correctly.

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