Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dry Stone Mason Brian Fairfield DSWA Certified - Talks about Stone Wurx Project 2012

Brian has dedicate a good bit of his time to learn and share the craft of Dry Laid Stone. He talks about his experience of keeping up with some of the best wallers at the Stone Wurx Event in 2012, In Hanover Ontario Canada. 

Brian offered the first all women's workshop last year 2014 up in Maine. If you ever happen to have the chance to me or work with Brian you will see very quickly he has a hug heart, tells it the way he see's it - never sugar coats anything. Sure can crack some great jokes keeping you smiling when you start dragging on a long day. A truly Jolly Waller. Keep up the great work Brian. 

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Brian Fairfield ~ Kennebunkport, Maine  USA ~ DSWA Certified, Advanced Level, DSWA Certified, Instructor.

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