Thursday, January 8, 2015

How To - YouTube Building a Foundation for 2' high PA Field Stone Wall

This is something I shot earlier this year just to show how I build my Dry Laid Stone Foundations. The wall was a rebuild using the old and new PA Field stone. The wall had failed after 20 years. The wall was a typical landscaper/mason (not to stereo type 90% failed dry laid stone walls by this industry) style of single wall. The single wall was dependent on the earth behind it. This is not how any one should build a wall unless you have monster stones to build with.

To gain hands on come take a Workshop. This year I will be offering the only one workshops in the USA dedicated to building foundations. Every thing in life starts with a GREAT Foundation. Relationships, house..... and of course dry stack stone walls.

I'll put some more photos of this project up soon on this blog post.

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