Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Merrymans Mill Road Column

Merrysman Mill Road project called for a column in the landscape. Knowing I'd be working with field stone I designed the column to be wide enough to work best with the stone type. 

I did some measurements from the white road lines in order to attempt to be parallel with the road. My plan was to make the stone foundation set in earth large enough to make any adjustments once I set my frames. Before my build.

Next it was time to build my frames. I simple pulled out some basic tools: 8 ft level, Adjustable T-Square, Dewalt Drill and chalk to build my frames. Set my center line then just measured off this in order to determine my correct frame shape based on my drawling. 

Set up my frames. Based off the road lines.

Kept my frames out far enough I can build around the string lines with out tripping. If I had more room I might have moved them out a little further. I set up my stall mats to help protect the grass as I worked. The double string lines make a bit more of a challenge but I prefer to be able to look down them since I can't build to the line on my way up with irregular shaped stones.

East side
I did find a few nice pieces of Western Maryland stone in order to help me with a stronger longer corner stones. Which offers more of the square shape to define the out side edges.  They also help to insure strength to the structure. 

North side
I also used a few pieces of the Western Maryland stone for the caps. I didn't have a good mid size field stone to use. I either had small, large and boulder size. Ya no that's not going to work to well!

West Side
The key in the design was to have the column balance out the arch wall on the upside. As drivers come up the hill they will see the arch wall first with the column in the back left corner. But as you can see from this shot coming down the street the column is off to the right side - keeping the view focused again on the arched wall.

South Side
What a well balanced design by Mark Willard & Associates. This is why you consider hiring those who are trained to see past just the materials to be used to build the project. But consider the material and the space to create harmony (balance) in the surroundings (space).

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