Monday, October 14, 2013

Merrymans Mill Road Arch / Lost Arch - 2013

Merrysman Mill Road lost dry stone arch?!! Yes you might have read in the project story that this blog was going to come. This up hill east side has been covered up. 

The space between the wall and the driveway will have a drain pipe set and covered with earth.

You'll notice to the right of this photo above by the tree the corrugated drain pipe. Which as buried below.

Mark Willard and I spent a very rainy day putting this pipe in place and covering it up with stones, landscape cloth and earth. I was sure to use my 12 x 12 pop-up tent to help keep us a little dry as we worked.

As soon as we ran out of dirt to put down the sun came out. Go figure.

Next day I brought in some enriched top soil using my side dump on my Volvo dump truck. With the side dump half of the job is done on jobs like this.

Mark was off meeting with a client so I went to town to get this spread out for him. Another load of dirt was brought in to help create a mound in order to direct the water run off into the road.

Next Mark picked up some sod and stated putting it down. With this photo you can see how a hump was built in the middle in order to keep the flow away from the wall and back into the driveway.

The main reason for this arch to be covered up? To give the wall a purpose to connect to the driveway.

Other wise a freestanding wall might look strange being disconnected from the driveway. This is why you hire a Professional Landscape Architect.  Having a master plan in mind for your outdoor spaces are key. I've seen way to many jobs that look like they have just been pieced together and nothing connects.

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