Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Finished - Wyman Park Dell - Baltimore 2010

Before patched together wall
The Dry Stone Conservancy from KY working with Allied Construction took on this massive undertaking in the Summer of 2010. The wall was a total of 1400 linear feet on average 3 ft high Butler stone retaining wall. Twelve Certified Dry Laid Masons from, MD, NY, MI, NC, KY working for 2 months to finish this amazing Dry Stone Project. 

We worked on 6 ft sections at a time. Once we finished our section we would moved down to the last waller. Starting the process all over again. 

These are a few of the sections I'm proud to say I built!. 

The darker stones are from the old wall section

Cap stones are a min of 8 inch thick weighing in at a min of 200 pounds per stone. 

Finished wall section

Come Visit Wyman Park Dell Located across from the BMA in Charles Village by Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore City, Maryland

Google Map Wyman Park Dell

Rockin Walls specializes in the Craft of Dry Laid Stone with an expertise on local quarried Butler Stone. Why would you hire a wet mason to build a dry stack stone wall?

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