Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hoffmanville Road Walkway Finished Project Story 8/2013

Walkway 40'L x 4' W Granit edging with with 3/8th crushed stone bedding mixed with Laurel mountain, PA blue, PA field and Western Maryland flag stone. This walk was built for my Mom. The front door never had a walk to the front porch. This was another X-mas present for my mother who has everything. What else can I give but my time and building something beautiful. Not to mention practical. Now her home has a welcoming walk to the front door. 

I started with feather and wedging reclaimed granite tombstones. I drilling each stone into smaller pieces with a existing 6" thickness set as the edge and drilling 5" sizes to be the depth which would be set into the earth.  By making this size edge I was able to optimize the most out of each tombstone stone with minimal amount of drilling. Carbide drill bits can add up $$ quickly on granite. I worked on this ahead of time before delivering these to my site.

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Next it was time to mark out the plan of attack for the path to the porch with marker paint. I use maker because it really helps me see things better. 

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I made a wood jig which I dragged on the earth after excavating with the dingo in order to help me mark my width. 

Next I started put down my granite edging. Starting from the porch steps - working out. 

As I put down the edging I would fill with 3/8"th aggregate as my base. I dug down 4" allowing me to hand dig down a little more for each edge stone. Most of my stones are 2" min which gives me a little more flexibility when placing walk stones. Now I did use a gas walk behind compactor to on the aggregate base. But it is said that 3/8", 3/4" is self settling and will not need compacting. Can't hurt to compact right?  If you don't want to compact be sure to set everything a little high - How can it not settle?

When I set my granite edge stones I was sure to have the down hill stones be set lower in order to help allow for the water to run off away from the house. Now since this walk is being built loose with flag stone run off will drain nicely into the walk too. A free draining walk.

I start putting my stones down big and small breaking my joints mixing my coolers. Just a few things to think about. Don't forget making sure each stone is set flat next to all their neighbors. This will help avoid having any high points causing tripping hazards.

I use my 4 ft level to check across the stones to make sure everything set below my edges not to high or low.  Just to the level just as if you were using a sting line as a guide.

With some of the stone edges I used rebar to just give that added support. Not that a 6" stone could role out but it could? With only earth on the out side keeping the stones in place I'll be sure to take extra measures to ensure success. No rolling stones.

3/4th aggregate set inside the path. Now time to finish up the laying down the walk pattern.

And there you have it.

Now that's a welcome walk to the front door.

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