Saturday, May 31, 2014

DSWA The Stone Trust - Instructor Course 2014

May 27-28, 2014.  Nine wallers came together all for the same cause to be the next group of DSWA Certified Dry Stone Instructors to graduate from The Stone Trust. I was one of those nine. 

Left to right... Brian Fairfield ME, T.J. Mora VT,  Seth Harris VT, Jamie Masefield VT, Kim & Jerry Coggin PA  • First Husband and wife team level 2 certified and Instructor/ first certified women at level 2 con-grads to both, Michael Murphy MI, (Instructor Steve Jonas VT), Me - Mark Jurus MD, Scott Young Quebec. Now thats one amazing class of students. 

The first part of the each day we spent working with our instructor Steve Jonas from Concentus Consulting. Who taught us about all the different learning styles, ask questions, learn to listen, ask more questions, give feedback and so much more like Johari Window, Heli Veiw, Myers - Brigg Type Indicator.....

Lets not forget how to stand on a box for 10 minutes without touching the ground. Moral of the story? People don't always listen clearly when given directions. 

Lunch break! 

Each day we all spent about 20 minutes roll playing down in the lower barn. Brian above and Seth below work with all of use to teach us something new. You might notice in the above photo short sleeves, then the next day everyone was in hats and jackets. 

What a great class thank you to all for such an amazing time!! The road trip back home threw the mountains of PA was picture perfect.

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