Monday, February 18, 2013

Business Sense - Who's stealing your Photo's? Copyright Violation

Google google google. What's next? If you have spare time you might want to take some of your photos and drop them into this website.

You'll notice in the image above a picture of the camera in the right. All you need to do is drag and drop a photo into this search bar and magic happens. You will get results on every were this image is sitting. Or better yet who JACKED YOUR IMAGES. With out permission or a dedicated live link back to you. (that just gets me all fired up) I even get hotter when they are using my photos to sell the same services. I get RED HOT AT THIS POINT. Really? Who does that ?????

Image blurred to protect the identity. 
One website in Canada did stone work. (screen shot of web page)  They had my image of my work placed on there service page...They had altered the size. After contacting them the said that they had no idea that the work shown was not their work. - Come on! You don't know your own work?! You're really out of touch with your clients jobs. He was very kind and did have it removed with in 30 day's.

Another one I had to correct below:
Completed Projects & Project Ideas

The following pictures will show some examples of some of the many different custom stone projects that people have done with the types of stone & rock we sell.  These are NOT projects done by our company, but rather just example images we have found of excellent stone projects.  

Our clients have used our stone for everything from outdoor kitchens & fireplaces to retaining walls & patios, similar to the sample pictures you can see here.  Again, we are not claiming that these projects are our work.  Our goal here is merely to spark your imagination.  Our stone has also been used for beautiful columns for driveway entrances or fence posts on an iron security fence.  Other projects have included stairs, mailboxes, and custom commercial signs.

Now even though he puts in the disclaimer that this is not his work. YOU MUST STILL have permission to use someones photo. His buddy who designed his website clearly did understand that this is a Copyright Violation. You wouldn't go to a store and steal something why do people think its ok to do the same with images? 

Notice any missing photo's?

After seeing this I went one more step this year and started doing all my watermarks across my images. 

Its really sad you have to go to such measure to insure others will not steal from you. Really sad that people just think since its on the web its free game. NOT. 

So when your ready to start - pull up your image and search as show above.

search from google saved as screenshot

While writing this I used this image of a fire pit and guess what I found? Yup my work and another waller Dean's fire pit. You have to ask... have to ask for permission! Unless the image has free use listed in the description. Click to see the full Google results of this image search click here. I got my eye on you! 

Websites that are NOT For Hire - I'm ok with - such as Pinterest. I'm not ok with business that sell the same or similar services as I do. (Promoting their biz while riding my coat tails) 

Professional Photographers have been fitting this battle as long as the web has been around. While taking the time to search the web to understand my Legal Rights. I found 
Ming Thein / Photographer. He wrote an amazing Blog on the topic Thoughts on copyright, intellectual property, images and Section 114A. He really hits all the key points with language we can all understand. Please take the time to check out his Blog/Website. If you're into Photography he offers a great deal of educational/training information. 

How does GOOGLE Image Search work? Read more about it.
To sum up this Blog. But a watermark on your photos to protect you and your work. 

Watermarks - Protect Your Intellectual Property

Many thanks to Google and Ming Thein work well done!


  1. Boy...good thing I told you about this great tool. A tool I first saw on Catfish (on MTV) that you make fun of me for watching. ;) Yes...Mark does listen to his wife...sort of...then he steals my stuff! Hugs!!

    1. Very good thing! What would I do with out you? Not blogging at all hours had you not pushed me to start this vouage. Thanks honey!!