Thursday, November 29, 2012

Machinery - Big Stone Mover

Now many of you know how to move stones the old fashion way. As Dan P say's with out the smell of diesal fuel. I'm hooked on my little Komatsu mini excavator pc 27. I think Dan hasn't had the chance to enjoy the quality smell from the tail pipe of Komatsu Mini. Using a Geith hydraulic thumb with a 20" Geith bucket - I couldn't be happier! Any chance I have to jump in any of my machines I feel are an extension of my ability to create. Things I can't do by myself. Like any tool - they all have a place and a time. 

Not like these young spunks that can push anything around. Us old timers need something a little more to help keep our backs and knees from giving out on us. Normally 3 ibuprofen at the end of a hard day helps me. 

The pro's: Allows me to move stone quickly - put them in place, make adjustments and pick them back up if needed. Time is everything to me. Doing stone work part time - I need every moment of time to make things happen quickly. In addition the mini X helps me do all my digging and heavy lifting of materials on site. This machine is so quitet I have to idle up the machine just to shut out my brain.

The con's: the thumb can easily drop a stone (total bummer when this happens) Thumb can leave marks on stones. Takes a trailer to move to the job site. Cost money to insure. Cost money to repair and maintain. 

I love my mini and my back. I don't care how much it cost's.

Image shown above on Beechdale Road, Dry Stone Project

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  1. I guess I fall more into the old school category. I'm more into the planks and rollers method like you highlighted your friend in VT.

    One thing I've learned in the biz is you gotta do what you gotta do -- so whatever works for you.

    Are those bluestone steppers from Rolling Rock by any chance you're scooping up? Don't you get a bit scared of scuffing the stones?

    I'm not sure if you saw my stepper post on my blog from the summer.

  2. Ooops -- Just saw you had linked my stepper blog already in a previous post.

    Thanks for the love!

    Good blog posts here, keep it up -- Clark