Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mortar last for ever!? With out hydraulic pressure

OOPSIE,  whats that crack in the middle of the wall?  O' is that a bonus stone which has broken away from the pack. The needed to go to the other side is written all over it's face. Go to the smart side - dry laid stone. A flexible and free draining system. Non of which can be said about this wall. To bad! 

As you can see this beautiful wall may have a big problem (leaning over). One  the builder never could have expected or planned. Simply human error on a hired contractor - over 36 +/- years later. ( estimated ) Yes this wall should or would still be standing tall - MOST LIKELY. Can you guess what went wrong. HINT- Water from the roof. 

Current project Glenville, PA underway. More tales to tell coming up.
Built in 1969, with field stone from this historic site. 
* True cause of failure only speculated. Water 100% the catalyst. Known as Hydraulic pressure. 


  1. Well said my good man! I really enjoy your blog and so glad you are spreading the "gospel" about dry laid stone and warning of the ills of ugly concrete

    1. Thank you Dan for following my blog. Every day I work with dry laid stone I enjoy how wonderful the benefits of being a environmentally green building process. In America if you don't use cement then it might not last very long!? WHAT.....

      You can't build in the rain with mortar or pavers... The best part - If you need to take it apart or add to it you can. No problem!

      I sure love stone.