Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedge and Feathers Railroad Bridge Alesia to Lineboro Rd MD

In the search for answers only stones can tell me. I went right to the source. Around the corner from my home I have a very beautiful stone railroad bridge. 

Located in the Town of Alesia Historic District Alesia to Lineboro Road Maryland.
Built in 1879 by Batimore and Hanover railroad company. This bridge was built using rock-faced ashlar granite that is stacked pyramidally. Split with Wedge and Feathers.

  Wow more voodoo magic! Some of these stones measure out to 3' x 20" both larger and smaller. As tight as they made these stones. I'm not sure why they even bothered with mortar?! At a time when a craft was a skill to have. 

As seen the holes are drilled on center about 6" 

 With a depth of 3", drill size as 5/8" th

To take a road trip to see this bridge check out Google Maps

My current stone job I've been working I spotted 2 different types of stones. Which of course have been Wedged and Feathered. So out comes the tape measure to see how these compare to the rail road bridge. Wow same thing. Drilled about 6" on center with 3" depth and 5/8" th drill bit. This is the same thing I have been using. So now I've inspected others work. I now know! Stones don't lie except on other stones or on mother earth.

 With a depth of 3", drill size as 5/8" th

Last stone on job. A large stone I laid as my last step on my build. Also notice holes drilled on 6" with 3' depth and 5/8 ths drill. I'm starting to feel like Sherlock Holmes. 

I love seeing some one has touched this stone leaving me a note to read. 

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