Saturday, September 3, 2011


After years and years it was time to put my graphic design skills back to work. On my commute to work on my motorcycle, I thought about what image would best represent my identity.  I wanted something solid like a rock the symbol of a circle came to mind. I thought about walls having negative space. The areas which no stone sits. The black and white creates the shapes. The letter R would be my symbol. I sat down and started the idea process. One R at a time. The letter was hand drawn. Then scanned then cleaned up and sent over to my buddy to create the digital version. I'm proud to say Rockin Walls now has an identity.


  1. Interesting that you say you conceived of this while on your motorcycle. It reminds me of a racing patch or vehicle emblem, because it resembles a primitive wheel; a 'rockin' stone wheel carved by a caveman! Nice job.

  2. Thanks Martin, I wanted something bold easy to identify. The simpler some thing is the stronger the message can be.