Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tool - Line Pins

In UK you will know exactly what these are. I hear you can even go to the local hardware store to buy them. In the USA some might think this is a fancy butter knife. But no this is what they call a LINE PIN.

Line pins are used mainly for rebuilding old walls. Great to put into the stones past the area of your build. I don't use these much for new building. When you have nothing to attach your sting to - just put a line pin in between some stones. Tie your string. If you work with historical walls or will be testing in KY or VT. You should at least buy 4 of these to have. Allowing for one string line per side of the wall if you are building a free standing wall. 

The picture with the string wrapped has more string then it should. This could cause knots. A professional waller explained it best  to "hold the line pin at its middle, pinched between your thumb and fingers in your left hand. Then with your right hand in a figure of eight motion wrap the string around the head and then the spike of the pin in a continuos motion." Of-course not like mine!

Footprint Line Pins USA #220027

Affinity Tool Works, LLC
1161 Rankin
Troy, Michigan 48083
(866) 588-0395 Toll-Free(248) 588-0395 Phone
(248) 588-0623 Fax
I believe they cost me about $12-$16 ball park. Great folks. Tell them I sent you.

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