Saturday, February 5, 2011

Out House

When working on the job site I carry my handy pop-up out house. I bought this pop up tent with indoor plumbing (walmart port-o-potty) back in 2008 when gas was at a all time high. I only work on my job sites once or twice a week. But may spend over 40 hours per job. Renting a out house can be expensive in my situation. So I put one together to carry from job site to job site. The first time my contractor buddy saw it set up - he laughed. But at the same time realized what a great idea. I know his helper was wishing they had one! I could see the trees in his eyes.

I feel I know each and every one of my customers-my customers treat me like family. But I have to drawl the line. I avoid going into a home unless I'm with them consulting. Other wise out of respect and my own safety. I can never be questioned if some thing goes missing from the home. A family member, friend could easily walk into the home and take something. Only leaving me open to question. I don't want to leave my self open plus it's not professional. Setting up a out house on a job site is the best thing to do if approved by the home owner! In only 5 minutes I'm up and running.

Down sides of not having a out house on site would be: the time it takes to travel to get to the closest fast food joint, fuel cost and the wasted time. Why leave when I have work to do!

One mans laugh is another mans office. It's just a out house.

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