Wednesday, November 11, 2020

GRABO $250.00 Suction Cup - Lifting Vacuum Tool with Natural Stone - up to 375 lbs. Product Intro.

GRABO $250 - Happy to announce my newest sponsor to Rockin Walls. In the months to come I will be testing out the all new to me (2019) affordable GRABO by Nemo Power Tool Co. Suction Cup Tool - Great for Bluestone Pattern patios, walkways. Not to mention just about anything else you can think to lift up to 375 lbs. - 176 lbs for most natural stone. If only I had this for the last two projects my body would have thanked me over and over again.
$250.00 GRABO - Electric Vacuum Suction Cup for Stone, Tiles, Granite, Concrete Pavers & Drywall. Includes 2 x Li-ion Batteries + Pressure Gauge + Carry case.

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