Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blogger - WordPress - show down, site make over

Yup Rockin Walls had a face lift. After some time back and forth.... blogger... word press.... blogger (google) .... conversations with my wife Teresa ( who got me started blogging in 2010, spent countless hours listing to my latest blog/website idea, from time to time checking or assisting me with spelling) my stone buddy Mark (Hammerhead Stone) who has used wordpress for over 10 years... They both gave me guidance to understand the bigger picture. Content is key, keep it simple, focus on what I do not what I thinking I should be doing.

What was that?? With a BFA in visual communication in graphic design from MICA Maryland Institute in Collage of Art I've had a hard time doing my own design work. I could design anything for someone else but when it comes to myself I go crazing thinking about what I want or don't want. Designing for yourself when your a designer is one of the hardest things. So it was great to have the feedback from the two I can trust.

I read all kinds of articles. Why to move, almost all bloggers upgrade at some point. Why? You own your own content, more choices for templets....

What was I hating about blogger? What's with the strange spacing? No options for sub menu's? Font sizes all over the road at times with different colors... Ya lots of little bugs? Did I say google owned this? One might think this was owned by Window's.......Heck you can try Safari, Chrome (google) But Firefox seems to work the best to fix some glitches. Go figure. That's funny chrome googles own product doesn't work any better to solve the glitches.. why would google have glitches? I'd like to know? I keep asking thinking one day some representative from Google will call me to chat about his issue. But I keep dreaming. A man can dream. Kind of frustrating I don't blame those who jump ship..

So why did I decide to hang around a little longer? Well if somethings working and you can see the benefits over the down sides and work threw the hick-ups why not.

What does google (blogger) got over the other guys? Google will always do everything they can to keep their blogger fitting into the latest gadget, smart phone, tablet, mac, windows, android..... You just can't say that with wordpress.

What else? They up load your images to their library- wow one more great way to promote your business as long as you have that watermark with your website plastered across your image. When someone wants to see the photo google will shoot them right back to your website.

Since google owns blogger and youtube you can't ask for a better way to avoid paying for search engine results... You can look at this world of the internet in different ways. The biggest a world of free information right at your finger tips. How cool is that. A endless resource - one giant library... Fun for everyone.

Please take the time to notice a few inter-active items on this new site. On the right side of the screen you will see a black bar on the edge. This is a slider bar that comes out when you move your mouse over it giving options. Next big thing for your viewing pleasure you can change the way you see the site on the left next to the word "BLOG". I have it set for Magazine. But you can change the site in any formate you see fit to review my content.


Thank them for helping me by viewing their Websites:

My Wife's Teresa site's ( a horse whisper )

Mark Archambault - Hammerhead Stone

Please feel free to chime in if you blog what platform your using. Likes and dislikes. Or you would just like to comment on the new site layout.


  1. Mark, Looks Great! You inspired me to start my own blog, but now you've set a new standard. Darn you ! Can't wait to spend more time surfing your blog. T.J.

    1. Thanks T.J. For always commenting. I'm glad you started blogging. I love seeing what your up too. I don't know about the new standard but I do like to spice it up a little. Got to keep up with you VT guys. NICE WORK WITH Dan Snow. Very cool stuff.

      I do hope the new lay out makes it a little more visually interesting to find content. Wait till you start playing with the menu on the left to change the blog yourself. Interesting stuff!! Nice how it is interactive. But I have to say its just a Standard Theme from Blogger- nothing to new. You can do the same I won't tell any one where you saw it first he hee.....

      Keep blogging T.J. Before you know it you'll be looking back thinking to your self I can't believe how the time fly's. Just make the time and stick with it. Write what you want you'd be surprised.

  2. The "new" site looks great, Mark. Congrats!

    1. Thank you Dan for taking the time to check out my updates and comment. I got thinking about this when you jumped ship to wordpress. I like the simplicity of your new site.