Thursday, January 3, 2013

Equipment - Bobcat MT55, Mini Track Loader, (dingo)

Contributing Author: Dean McLellan: Certified Dry Stone Mason DSWA UK - Located in - Holstein, Ontario, Canada

I purchased my Bobcat MT 55 with the thought that I would be able to make money with it and it would make my life easier...  Well  it has definitely made my life easier but I have had no luck making money on it really.  

I find that clients are less likely to want to pay the full rate to me for it on top of the cost of the stonework. They have little problem paying the rental companies for some reason what I used to have to charge them to rent one... 

I love the machine as it has proven extremely useful for the work I do.  Makes working alone a pleasure again.  The labour time has decreased as well as the wear on my body.

The Bobcat MT55 version was the best one I came across after testing a lot of them out.  I can pull it along with a 5 ton dump trailer with my toyota tacoma and still be under my weight limit.

I purchased the larger size bucket 44 inches along with set of forks and also the platform to stand on behind it.  The platform saves time walking on long stretches.  I've used it a great deal on the Stable build (StoneWurx 2012).  It fit right inside the building doors making it easy to bring stone in for the build.

Maintenance has proven fairly expensive with it.  I have had an issue with the starter which is frustrating but fixable.  Other than that it has proven to be very handy and I'd hate to be without it.

It cost about $25,000 to purchase after tax etc....  Which is very steep.   I could have gone with a used one I suppose.  Used are pretty hard to find and I didn't want to get into a lot of repair issues.  New was the choice I chose. 

I would definitely buy one again! 

Sure be nice to have clients understand the value . There for cover a normal rental cost for the use of my machine.!

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For more about the Bobcat MT55, specs, and other products - visit Bobcat's website - click here!

Editor Note:
These machines sell used for around $15,000 +/-

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Thank you Dean for taking the time to contribute to my readers. Keep up the great walling work - You Rock!! MJ

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