Thursday, March 29, 2012

Loyalsock Trail PA

A year and a half ago me and my wife headed to my hometown Dushore PA for my birthday getaway. This year we went again just to get a vacation before the the year was over. One of the most important thing I was able to do was take photos. I had lost every one on my hard drive not to long after returning from the first trip. In my head I had all the photos I had taken all planned out. This was just one of them. An old rail road bed which has several dry laid stone lintels build to allow the streams to pass water throw them. Some of these stones measure in at 4' L x 4' W x 16" H. I believe all of them had been made stone from the area. They using feather and wedges to create the blocks they needed for the build. Amazing to see in person - take a hike on the Loyalsock trail and see for yourself.

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  1. Thanks for your wonderfully informative blog. I live in PA and have hiked part of the Loyalsock Trail. It's beautiful. I'm hoping to get to a DSC workshop sometime this year. Hope to see you there.