Sunday, March 4, 2012

Advertising 24/7- Rockin' Kia Soul 2012

Since 2007 I have spent a great deal of time driving back and forth to Kentucky to learn the craft of Dry Laid Stone Construction (dry stack stone). The Dry Stone Conservancy has for years helped to educate those interested. In the last year I have spent even more time traveling down to Kentucky and up to Vermont for testing. So with more road trips in the works I needed to retire my faithful 1993 Honda Accord. In my 29 years of driving I have never owned a new car. Wow amazing concept "NEW".

Three years back when the Kia Soul first hit the market my wife bought one. After seeing just how great this little car/truck was, I started looking at all my options. I wanted to get good gas mileage (I'm getting 28 city-she of course gets 35 {1.6 manual} I must have something wrong with my foot? ) I wanted room to carry shovels, wall frames, tools etc.... Comfortable for road trips. Last but not least a great $$ VALUE! 

I looked at used Honda Element's- kind of ugly but lots of room I have to say. Not so great on gas, extremely pricey - sure do a great job holding their value. 

The Scion xB was a bit bigger then the Kia but also bad on gas and more money starting at $17k. With a 22 city / 28 highway MPG.

I even considered the Nissan Cube- Ya nope...very cute- love that back wrap around window. Starting at $15k. With a 25 city / 31 highway MPG.

Hands down it was back to the 2012 Kia Soul. The Base price models with 1.6 L Manual 6 speeds start at $14k. With a 27 city / 35 highway MPG. I went with the automatic 1.6 and am lovin' it! Got to love that new car smell. Now I'm spoiled with satellite radio, nice little sound system, blue tooth, paddle shifting... man this is a hoot. For the price of a nice used car I was able to buy a new Kia Soul. I couldn't be happier. Now I drive everywhere I can - I even make up excuses to drive places. 

The next task on the list was advertising. I got a hold of my buddy at M5 signs. We worked up a plan and he put it together. I bought the black Kia just for the reason of being able to work with my logo. Ya I know my wife told me I'm going to be cleaning it every day - that it might get old. But thats ok I love this little Soul. (She's always right!) Back to the logo's. Besides just sticking with the basics I went with Highway Reflective White Vinyl. The benefit is I have 24 hour advertising. Something people don't think about when they make signs to market their business. You have to get your money's worth any way you can these days. The phone # is my Google voice number. So now I'm sure to drive all over town just to be seen. Ya ok I love the satellite radio and the fact that it still smells new I admit it.

One lead from this advertising on the Kia will have paid for it self. With that kind of return on your money I might need a few more to add to the fleet. I'm just happy I can now show up to the job site in something that matches the level of professionalism of my work.

Thats what you call one Rockin' Kia Soul! 

Or as some know it...the Hamster car!

Enjoy the Kia Soul commercials below - party rock in the house tonight...

Kia Soul


  1. You will look like a proper 'Rock Stair in that anyway!

  2. looks great! I think that will be my next car too. When I visit, we'll look like a dealer's lot! -- patti

  3. Really sharp and your buddy did a great job with the graphics. I'm glad you chose black and not pink this time.